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How talking to a mortgage broker in Chatswood saves homebuyers money and leads to a better home loan.
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, updated on August 7th, 2023       

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You can find better interest rates, compare all the best home loan products, and get help applying for your ideal mortgage by enquiring about a mortgage broker with Savvy. Our brokers partner with a huge choice of lenders and look to match mortgages with homebuyers using a range of features, options, and products.

Chatswood may only be 10km from Sydney’s CBD, but it’s a self-contained multicultural hub all in its own right. With excellent transport links, top-notch shopping, schools and every option you could want for eating out or entertainment, it's a magnet for families, young professionals, and students.

Savvy partners only with MFAA or FBAA-approved home loan specialists. When you enquire with us, you’ll quickly connect with experienced, highly-regarded mortgage brokers who can make a difference to your home loan application.

I know what mortgage I want. Why should I talk to a Savvy broker?

Most homebuyers have a good idea about what they want right now, but our brokers are trained to predict what might change because of time or events.

Whether it’s your first home or you’re an old hand at buying houses, mortgage brokers are can help you compare home loan product-based opportunities to suit a myriad of different objectives, individuals – and possible futures. No matter what your main priority currently is, it’s likely they’ll save you money in the longer term.

  • Family homebuyers: Let’s say you’ve decided to start a family or add to your brood. Variable-rate mortgage repayments allow for greater freedom to take a fresh look at your home loan every couple of years. Comparing the available options for refinancing your home loan now and then might far outweigh the benefits of opting for short-term gains – and a broker’s job doesn’t end when your loan is settled. They check on your situation every couple of years, revaluate your current package and recommend more relevant options.
  • Career-driven couples or singles:  A promotion might see you suddenly want more from your home loan. Switching lenders can open up multiple new possibilities when you talk to a broker. They connect you with more lenders so you can compare more home loan options. For instance, did you know professional package home loans offer interest rate deductions based on your occupation or role at work?
  • Home renovators: There are plenty of properties around that need modernising and that doesn’t have to involve sitting on your hands for years saving up. You can use equity that’s been building over time in your home as a cost-effective way to pay for repairs or renovations. Talk to your local mortgage broker about opening a line of credit
  • Non-conventional funds: Let’s say you’ve just come into an inheritance. It’s your big chance to get on the property ladder but you’re worried a lender will want to see savings you’ve accumulated over time. Mortgage brokers have access to specialist products like non-genuine savings home loans to help homebuyers who sell assets or shares, are lucky enough to get a significant cash gift or inherit some money.

Can a Savvy broker in help with investor mortgages?

Yes – Chatswood represents many of the things that second home buyers look for. It’s easily commutable from the CBD, has a varied range of properties, an active rental market and rents are relatively good.

Houses in the area fetch around $900 each week, and even units bring in more than $500 on average. Our brokers can help you source cost-effective specialist mortgage solutions for investors – and talk you through options like interest-only repayments, too.

I’m a first-time buyer. Should I speak to a mortgage broker?

Yes – buying a home in this area makes sense, but many first-time buyers are going to need all the help they can get, so talking to a local broker is an excellent idea. Median property prices in the area are relatively high, with apartments costing around $900,000.

Despite that, our brokers will look to products designed to make owning your first place easier, such as guarantor home loans, low-deposit mortgages, and family pledge loans. And don’t forget to ask about professional package home loans because you might qualify for an interest rate discount.

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