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Equipment Finance Sydney

Sydney equipment finance solutions for busy business leaders

Equipment finance is the lifeblood of basically every commercial and industrial sector in Australia, and vehicles and machines of all shapes and sizes are what makes the economy tick. When your business needs to upgrade, replace, or purchase new or used equipment, you need finance solutions you can trust and the ability to put funding in place without delays. Whether you need business finance for a coffee machine, a lease for manufacturing equipment, or a secured loan to buy a truck – you came to precisely the right place.

Find fast, cost-effective options for equipment finance in Sydney

Finding the best equipment finance solution for your needs has got a lot to do with choice, convenience, and speed. Here at Savvy, our expert commercial finance brokers canvas dozens of specialist equipment finance lenders and offer a diverse range of products, so there’ll always be a solution that fits your aims and budget. We take the hassle and time out of sourcing commercial finance because we do the legwork for you, presenting relevant, cost-effective options swiftly so you can spend your valuable time running your operation.

How does equipment finance in Sydney work?

One of the most popular equipment finance solutions for many years has been the chattel mortgage. Chattel mortgages offer a range of tax advantages for business, and they’re a very effective way to purchase machines, vehicles, and tools. Just like with a personal car loan, Sydney businesses own equipment from day one, so they can claim depreciation as well as interest on repayments.

Amount Interest Term Monthly Total cost Total interest
4 Years
*Business claims $7,272 on next Business Activity Statement
**Tax-deductible element per payment is approximately $178.38

Customers who utilise chattel mortgage finance benefit from claiming back 100% of the purchase price GST the next time they file a BAS. Terms run up to seven years, with the option to refinance residuals. You can use a deposit or opt for 100% equipment finance.

Equipment leases come in two primary forms. Operating leases are the method of choice for businesses that want to outsource fleet management, maintenance, or both. Terms run between one and five years, and entire repayments are tax-deductible.

Finance leases offer end-of-term ownership via an ATO-set residual value based on the length of your lease. That means Sydney organisations only pay down depreciation during the term and have the option to refinance once that ends. Payments are 100% tax-deductible.

ATO Lease Residual Values (Applicable at the end of each year)
Year One
Year Two
Year Three
Year Four
Year Five

What are my options for finding equipment finance providers in Sydney?

Savvy operates nationally, but we have long-standing relationships with some of Sydney’s top equipment finance providers. We’re in the business of leveraging that to help your company find more cost-effective finance solutions. To get the process started, all you need to do is give us a quick call. We’ll assign you an expert commercial finance consultant; they’ll get some brief background on your business and ask about the equipment you need.

Next, Savvy will go to work sourcing the most suitable, cost-effective equipment finance options for your specific needs. Once we’ve identified the optimal solution, we’ll liaise with the lender to make sure your application gets completed quickly. Savvy consultants stay the distance, so you’ll have all the help you need until your equipment gets safely delivered.

One of the primary advantages of using an equipment finance broker like Savvy is that Sydney businesses get to compare dozens of industry and sector-specific lenders who offer a range of products designed for commercial users. If you rely on a single lender, you’ll limit your options to one or a few solutions, but Savvy can access enough products to tailor a solution to the needs and circumstances of your individual organisation – whether you run a huge fleet of vehicles out of Parramatta or need to buy a coffee machine for your café in Circular Quay.

Explained: What you’ll need to apply for equipment finance

Lenders require some documentation to go with equipment finance applications – follow Savvy’s checklist

FAQs: Questions on equipment finance Sydney businesses ask

If you’ve still got questions, just read through Savvy’s FAQs section

Are there any low doc options for equipment finance?

Savvy partners with a range of lenders who consider low doc equipment finance applications. Such financiers will consider alternative guarantees and documentation if your financials aren’t yet up to date. Just get in touch with one of our finance consultants to discuss your requirements.

How long will my equipment finance application take?

That depends on your aims and circumstances, but we can usually obtain conditional approval within a day or two. If you’re purchasing or leasing a vehicle or equipment ‘off-the-shelf,’ progress can be rapid. Specialist orders, modifications, or made-to-order items may take longer.

Does it take longer to finance second-hand equipment?

Getting finance for second-hand equipment is just as quick as for brand-new vehicles, machines, and tools. Most lenders will insist you get a PPSR check, and you can do that quickly and easily online.

How old can second-hand equipment be?

Most lenders impose their own specific limits on vehicles and machinery, but Savvy will try and find a solution to meet your needs. Where heavy plant or machinery has a long service life, specialist commercial equipment financiers usually make provisions for that.

What security do I need to provide?

Generally, the only security lenders require will be the equipment itself.