Operating Lease

Tax-efficient, fixed-cost operating leases for vehicles, assets, and machinery makes sound financial sense for many Australian businesses - find out why.

Operating Lease for Business

An operating lease is a great option for businesses that don't want to invest huge amounts of capital in vehicles. All maintenance and running costs are included – which removes the need for fleet admin. With an operating lease, you basically pay to 'rent' an asset for an agreed period and then return it to the lessor (finance provider), so you hold none of the risks of ownership or eventual disposal. You get exclusive use of the car, but your business doesn't own the vehicle.

Flexible Commercial Car Finance

Savvy has access to a range of specialist operating lease providers – and the advantages of this type of agreement are many. The fixed-cost payments are tax-deductible for the entire term. Operating leases are shorter-term business car finance solutions – also used for other assets and equipment – and don't run for the whole service life, unlike with a finance lease. There's no residual risk, and when the term is finished, you just hand the vehicle back and upgrade to a new car.

Operating leases to suit your business - and more choice

Tailored operating lease solutions and experts who listen to your needs. The perfect way to source business vehicles.

Car Loan and Lease Experts
At Savvy, our experts don't specialise in one specific business finance product. We're perfectly placed to find the best option.
Competitive Car Lease Options
Savvy has long-term relationships with a range of operating lease providers. We'll always find you terms that suit your budget.
Tailored Solutions
Every company and trader is different. That demands tailored solutions to asset acquisition. Savvy listens first, then finds you savings.

How to qualify for an operating lease, and how to apply

Follow these easy steps to get approved for your cash loan

Financial Assessment

The lessor will look at your financials and accounts much like when you take out a loan. Decisions get based on your level of debt, ongoing finance, and your operational cash flow. Having an excellent credit history will probably open up more scope in terms of what the lender is willing to make available. Savvy's expert consultants can help assess your vehicle needs and recommend a lessor based on your situation.

Documentation and Qualification

Operating leases are strictly a business finance option, so you'll need to provide your ABN. Some lessors stipulate a minimum trading duration too. Financiers will need to see activity statements and tax records to assess what you can afford. Savvy's business finance consultants can assist with preparing documents and financial information, and cut down on the time and effort required to secure an operating lease.

Apply for an operating lease

The most cost-efficient way to source finance is to look at as many options as you can. While it's not always possible to do that, at Savvy, our job is to do that for you. We partner with many of the best operating lease providers in the country so we can quickly connect you with the right one, based on your vehicle requirements and financials.

The Approval Process

Lessors will pre-approve you for a certain amount based on the documents and information you provide. When that's done, you're free to source vehicles that match your needs and the lender will buy them, before sending you an agreement to lease them.


When your application is complete, and you've signed the paperwork, your lessor will get cars delivered to you as quickly as possible. After that, they'll advise you of service schedules and hand over breakdown cover information, and anything else you need to operate the vehicle on a day to day basis. You'll be given contact information for accident and fleet-management and other enquiries. Then, you're free to start using the car.