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 Nectr Energy is a popular green energy provider in Australia. Read more about them and discover how green they really are here through Savvy’s energy review.  

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, updated on August 14th, 2023       

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Nectr Energy is the retail arm of the South Korean corporation Hanwha, which is a giant multi-national corporation with interests in renewable energy production, materials, engineering, aerospace, satellite communications and finance. It operates the largest modular solar farm in the USA, and is currently building two large solar farms in Australia. Hanwha is credited as the inventor of the innovative smart solar beehive, which aims to protect bees from extinction as a vital link in the world’s food chain.    

Nectr Energy offers electricity plans, solar plans and solar installation across four states, with some of its award-winning solar plans among the cheapest plans available in Australia. It has a strong reputation for innovation in the renewable energy sector, and as a leading driver for sustainable energy development.  

Disclaimer: Please note that Savvy does not represent Nectr Energy for their retail energy products. All listed information is correct as of August 2023 but subject to change.

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Which states or territories does Nectr Energy supply power to?

Currently Nectr Energy offers electricity energy plans in: 

  • New South Wales
  • South-east Queensland
  • South Australia

It also installs solar energy systems in the ACT, but does not offer electricity plans in that state. 

What is the size of Nectr Energy in Australia in comparison to other energy retailers?

According to the Australian Energy Regulator’s latest report (Q2 2022/2023), Nectr Energy now has nearly 29,000 retail electricity customers, making them the 15th largest retail electricity company in Australia. They command 0.4% of the electricity retail market share.  

What are some of the pros and cons of using Nectr Energy as your energy provider?

  • Fixed-rate plans, fixed for 12 months on offer    
  • Option to bundle a solar and battery backup plan
  • Refer-a-friend cashback offer available 
  • Comparatively cheap electricity plans, up to 25% less than the reference price
  • Great mobile app to help monitor energy use
  • 100% carbon neutral at no extra cost to you
  • No retail gas plans on offer 
  • Only offer electricity plans in three states, excluding VIC, NT, WA, TAS and ACT (although solar installation offered in ACT)
  • Solar feed-in tariffs only apply to the first 10kWh of energy fed back into the grid  
  • High solar feed-in tariffs only available if you buy your solar system from Nectr Energy 

How is Nectr Energy rated as a green energy provider?

According to Greenpeace’s Green Electricity Guide, Nectr Energy has a very high score of 7.3/10. This is due to offering 100% renewable energy electricity plans, and solar and battery bundle plans, although they do still buy some power from the open market. * 

Their scores for these specific criteria are: 

  • Providing clean, renewable energy: 40%
  • Ending coal use by 2030: 80%
  • Halting fossil fuel expansion: 100%
  • Support for new renewable energy: 100%
  • Pollution & environmental harm: 80%
  • Transparency in marketing:  80%

*Information from Greenpeace’s Green Electricity Guide is current as of August 2023, but subject to change 

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Frequently asked questions about Nectr Energy

Where does Nectr Energy get its unusual name from, and what is the bee connection?

Nectr Energy’s parent company, Hanwha, is the inventor of the solar bee hive. With solar panels mounted on top, the solar bee hive maintains an optimal environment for bees by regulating temperature, humidity, water, and food. A clever feature of the smart hives protects bees from their greatest natural enemy, hornets. Hornets are detected by analysing ambient sound. Upon detection, the hive entrance narrows, preventing hornets from entering but still allowing bees to enter. The solar beehive not only boosts bee populations and species preservation, but also offers real-time monitoring of bee growth, swiftly identifying diseases and pests. As a result of the global importance of bees to the production of food, and the success of the solar bee hive, Hanwha named its electricity division Nectr, and its motto is: ‘We beelieve in cleaning up energy so that it works for all of us.' 

What is the Nectr Energy referral offer?

If you've installed a solar panel system, a solar + battery system, or a standalone battery storage system, and you refer a friend who joins Nectr on a new energy plan, both you and your referral friend can enjoy a $500 credit applied to your electricity plan. 

Does Nectr Energy have an offer to install a solar panel system with no up-front costs?

Yes. Nectr Energy’s solar energy bundle offers solar installation with no upfront costs or interest fees. Customers pay off the cost of their solar panels over three years. The cost of such a plan for a standard 6.6kW solar system with a 5kw inverter is $145 a month in NSW, QLD and SA, and $176 a month in the ACT. Prices are subject to eligibility criteria and subject to change. 

Does Nectr Energy have an Australian-based call centre for customer service?

Yes, Nectr’s call centre is based in North Sydney, NSW, so all customer service calls are answered by operators in Australia. 

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