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Businesses from Armadale to Warrnambool turn to Savvy for competitive equipment finance for their business. We help secure loans and leases – including tax-effective chattel mortgages and hire purchases – for all types of equipment including retail, wholesale, industrial, and even mining for the big boom in the new Goldfields. No matter your business and your requirements, you can drive more business with the right equipment finance. Our panel of over 25 lenders means you get the most competitive rates.

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Getting flexible funding in business is always a top priority. We help Melbourne get the equipment finance with a minimum of fuss and maximum value. Our loan consultants are on hand to help you gain business finance for equipment, be it loans or leases for all types of industries and retail – even new businesses. We can put together loans and lease packages that adhere to your unique cashflow requirements such as seasonal or agribusiness. Talk to the team at Savvy to find a funding solution that’s tailored for your needs.

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Types of Melbourne Equipment Finance

The four main categories of equipment finance Melbourne business can access

Answering Your Equipment Finance Questions

We field Melbourne’s top asked questions about equipment finance

What kind of leases are on offer?

Savvy offers the most common and popular types of leases including finance leases and operating leases. You can tailor your lease package to your needs including lease length and seasonal repayments if applicable.

Is it better to buy or lease?

This depends on your business and how it operates. A lease may be beneficial for businesses that want the flexibility to upgrade their equipment, such as IT equipment which can become obsolete very quickly. Buying equipment may be more beneficial for warehousing or industrial settings as equipment stays the same for longer. This also depends on your accounting methods. Ask your accountant for more information.

What are the tax breaks when buying equipment with a chattel mortgage?

A chattel mortgage gives business significant tax advantages. These are the ability to claim your GST back on the purchased asset, apply for the instant asset write-off (if applicable), claim depreciation up to the depreciation limit, and the interest paid on the loan. You may also borrow more than the value of the asset, which makes chattel mortgages a cash flow neutral solution.

Can I buy my equipment at the end of the lease?

Yes, you are given the option to purchase your leased equipment if you take out a finance lease. A finance lease is a long-term leasing product designed for this purpose.

How quickly can I gain equipment finance in Melbourne?

Using automated systems and approval methods, Melbourne businesses can access equipment finance in as little as 24 hours for select customers.

How long is a lease term for equipment finance?

Lease terms can vary from 12 months to seven years – or even longer for larger industrial equipment. Ask your loan consultant for more advice.

My business is in hospitality, can I get a loan or a lease?

Yes, we give hospitality and retail businesses in Melbourne the opportunity to lease the equipment they need to keep operating or pivot to a COVIDSafe model.

I run a seasonal business, can I stagger or smooth out my repayments?

Yes, we can put together a loan or lease package that considers your seasonal business model, ramping repayments up and down according to your cash flow.

What is a comparison rate?

A comparison rate is the total interest rate of a loan or lease product plus most fees (except conditional fees such as break fees or early payment fees). This gives the buyer confidence that two rates can be compared side by side. Many interest rates do not include fees in the total perce ntage, which can make such a comparison difficult.

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