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Whether you’re from Mt. Isa or Ipswich, if you run a bar in Bundaberg or a gym in Gympie, getting the right equipment finance is vital to growing your business. If you’re in the start-up phase or are well-established and looking to grow, Savvy offers a range of flexible and competitive equipment finance options from chattel mortgages, hire purchases, operating leases, finance leases, and more. We tailor a solution that maximises your cash flow and accounting methods. Whether you’re looking to buy, lease, or want the best of both worlds, our consultants can help.

Tax Breaks and Incentives Still Available

All equipment finance, whether you’re buying or leasing, comes with a range of tax incentives. With most finance options, you can claim the interest paid on your lease or purchase on your activity statement. If you opt for a chattel mortgage, you will get the GST paid and depreciation back on tax. You can also apply for the instant asset tax write-off, valued at up to $150,000 until the end of December 2020. (Reverts to $30,000 thereafter.)

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Answering Brisbane’s Questions about Equipment Finance

We field questions from Brisbane’s business community about equipment finance

What is the main difference between leasing and a loan?

The main difference between leasing and taking out a loan is that with a lease you are required to hand the equipment back at the end of the lease term. In some lease agreements, such as finance leases, you are given the option to buy the equipment outright if you pay a residual. Leasing may also include maintenance and operating costs (such as registration for vehicles) of the equipment included in repayments. If you buy your equipment, maintenance and other costs are the responsibility of the owner.

I run an agribusiness and my cash flow is seasonal. Can I get a loan or lease?

Yes – we can tailor loans and leases for agribusiness and any other sort of business with seasonal cash flow, such as tourism or travel. Ask your loan consultant to put together a package that suits you.

What is a residual value payment?

A residual value payment or a balloon payment is a portion of your asset’s value that is left aside for immediate payment at the end of a chattel mortgage or hire purchase, or as an option at the end of a finance lease. This residual value allows for lower repayments over the course of a loan. The residual or balloon can vary between 20% to 50% of the equipment’s total purchase value.

What types of purchases are eligible for the instant asset write-off?

All purchases for business, excluding certain passenger vehicles, are eligible for the write off, provided your business meets the eligibility criteria and the asset is valued less than the current threshold. Assets such as those to be leased, allocated to a low-value asset pool, horticultural plants, software development pool items, and capital works deductions are not eligible. 

Can I finance used equipment?

Yes, though this depends on how much the asset has been used and is subject to depreciation limits and other assessments.

I am in mining, can I finance equipment?

Yes, though this depends on how much the asset has been used and is subject to depreciation limits and other assessments.

At what point can I buy my equipment in a finance lease?

You are given an offer to buy equipment after the finance lease term is up, ranging from one to five years. You may be able to pay out a residual ahead of time. Conditions and fees may apply.

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