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Bulldozers are sturdy machines that get the job done with precision and ease, but they do not come cheap. A single bulldozer can range from $70,000 to $300,000. Finding the right finance option can make the purchase of one of the most important tools on the field manageable. At Savvy we offer flexible finance options to make the purchasing of a dozer quick and easy. Our experience in dozer finance will ensure that you walk away with a competitive rates.

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At Savvy we have built a repertoire that has been based on expert financial solutions that is tailor-made for purchasing heavy duty equipment such as bulldozers and earthmoving equipment. We offer financial products from 25 of Australia’s leading lenders and bankers so that you can walk away with competitive deals. Our financial products come with a flexibility that allows you to expand your fleet. Each product is individual tailored to help meet both individual and business needs.

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Comparing lenders can help you get great rates and save thousands! Compare Australia’s top lenders with us and save.

Common questions on Bulldozer finance answered

Answers to common questions on Bulldozer finance

What type of bulldozers can you finance?

At Savvy we finance all types of bulldozers – crawler, wheeld or mini of any size, brand, or style.

Will I still be able to qualify if I have bad credit?

Yes. At Savvy we offer financial products that cater towards people with bad credit.

Can I get financing for a business that operates seasonally?

Yes. At Savvy we offer financial products that work with every type of business and cashflow. You can speak to our consultants to find a fit for you.

Can I make extra repayments?

Yes, you can make early repayments on a loan on an agreed term.

Are there any potential tax benefits?

Yes. Business can claim the GST back on purchase price and tax deductions on depreciation and interest payments on loans for equipment and vehicles.

Can I get financing for an imported bulldozer?

Yes. You can provide us with further details and we will help you secure the right solution.

I am in Australia on an overseas visa. Can I still apply for financing?

Yes. We can provide loan terms that take the expiration of your Visa into consideration. You can speak to our consultants for more.

Can I be pre-approved for a loan?

Yes. At Savvy we offer pre-approvals so that you can purchase your bulldozer with quick and easy.

Can I get financing for an imported bulldozer?

Yes. You can provide us with further details and we will help you secure the right solution.

Can you assist Australia wide?

Yes, we offer bulldozer and equipment finance is Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane

Your helpful guides to bulldozer finance

Our helpful guides on dozer finance will help you make an informed decision

Tax benefits with chattel mortgage

Chattel mortgage allows you to purchase an equipment outright. A lender will give you the entire amount that is needed to purchase a vehicle. However, you will have to pay back the loan in instalments. It comes with GST benefits that can help your business when it comes to claim time, but it will be in your best interest to find out from a tax official on how your business can benefit. It also doesn’t require any form of security as the vehicle will be used as security on the loan.

Commercial hire purchase

Choosing a financial product that matches your business is vital. Commercial hire purchase might be one of the financial products you could consider purchasing a heavy-duty equipment such as bulldozer or earth movers. The lender will purchase your earthmoving equipment on your behalf and then hires it back to you for an agreed period of time. You will also have the option of taking complete ownership of the equipment once you have paid the loan in full.

What is a commercial lease?

There is a range of financing options for bulldozers such as a commercial equipment lease. A commercial equipment lease might work for businesses that want to purchase a bulldozer, but currently, do not have any capital to make this purchase. A lender will give lease that allows you to lease a bulldozer in exchange for fixed payments. The benefit of this type of product is that you have the option of purchasing the vehicle once you have completed the payments.

Save by planning in advance

Save by planning in advance to effectively make your finance work for you. Purchasing an equipment like a bulldozer with no timing or planning can burn a hole in your finances. Thinking ahead helps you maximise your cash flow and savings that can be used elsewhere. This will give you enough time to compare your options in terms of the dozer you would like to purchase, and it will also open up doors to cut-price deals that will help you save.

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