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Choosing a loan that doesn't stifle your business

Having the finances to help you purchase a bus or coach is one thing but finding the right financial solution that doesn’t stifle your business with rigid terms and repayments is another. At Savvy we offer various tools and solutions to help bring you closer to finding the right product that matches your businesses needs and works with your cash flow. We pick loans from 25 of Australia’s leading lenders so you walk away with a competitive deal on the market.


Quick access to financial solutions

Why wait for a response to your loan application that feels like you are stuck in the slow lane? We provide quick responses and tools that can help you know how much you qualify for, so it can be business as usual for your business with no delays. Our team of expert consultants understand your situation and will provide you with a package that fits your business like a glove. At Savvy we offer structured and flexible repayment solutions for both new & used buses and coaches.


See how we make the bus finance easier and simpler

We use our extensive experience in commercial loans for buses and coaches to help you gain approval. You get a personalised consultant from start to finish.

Calculate, compare commercial finance lenders and save

Compare and save with Savvy. Savvy has access to all major banks and lenders in the country. We hold accreditation with all the major lenders in the country and have experienced consultants to tackle any requirement.

LenderProduct NameAdvertised RateComparison RateMonthly Repayment
Savvy Secured Equipment Loan 4.99%
6.60% $566.00
BankWest Business FeeSaver Loan - Res Sec 5.80%
5.80% $577.20
BankSA Business Loan Variable 6.78%
6.78% $590.93
ANZ Business Loan Variable - Res Sec 7.10%
7.10% $595.45
Commonwealth Bank BBL Var Non-Res Sec 7.81%
7.81% $605.57

* Commercial loan with the loan amount of $40,000 is looking at a 5 year secured fixed rate of 2.85% p.a. and comparison rate of 3.93% p.a.. WARNING: all fees and charges may not be included on the example above, only the comparison rates, monthly repayment and total cost applies. Therefore, the total cost of the loan might be different. Comparison rate do not include broker fees, redraw fees, early termination fees and fee waivers. Comparison rate may change as a result of the different loan terms, fees and the loan amounts. Establishment fees and monthly fees do not apply to commercial loans, only consumer loans. However, there might be different fees apply.

Got a question about your bus finance?

Get the answers to your common questions on bus and coach finance

Do you finance pre-owned vehicles?
Yes. At Savvy we finance both new and used buses. However, it is important that you contact one of our consultants to find out further information in terms of the limitation on the vehicles age.
Will I have to pay a deposit?
It will depend on the financial product that you choose. However, you will be better off with a 10%-20% deposit ready.
How long are the loan terms?
Our loan terms range from a period of 12 months to 7 years.
Should I buy or lease a bus?
This depends on your financial situation and your business needs. Weighing the pros and cons of both options along with speaking to our consultants to help you make an informed decision.
How can I improve my chances of being approved?
You can check your credit report to see if everything is in order. It is important that before you approach a lender you fix arrears or have errors on your report fixed.
Can I get a loan if I have bad credit?
Yes. At Savvy we provide financial products that will suit the needs of people with bad credit without digging you deeper into bad debt.
How long will it take before I get approved?
As soon as we get everything that we need from you for the application process we will notify you in 24 hours to 36 hours.
Can I make additional payments?
Yes. You will be able to make additional payments on most products that most lenders offer, but keep in mind that this will not reduce the interest rate.

Your helpful guides to bus and coach finance

Informative guides on bus financing

Know what you can afford

Failing to budget is planning to fail. Australians find themselves defaulting on their loan repayments, an issue which in some cases could have been avoidable had there been a budget. Knowing what you can afford when purchasing something as big as a bus will save you the financial woe. You can find adequate finance solution that is suited for your situation by using online calculators when calculating and comparing loans to find one with a flexible and affordable repayment plan.

Get your credit report

One thing that can have lenders turning their heels away from your application is your credit report. Lenders and bankers look at your credit report to assess if you are someone they can give a loan to. Your chances of being approved for a loan can slip through the holes that are in your credit report that you have failed to check before applying for a loan. This can throw a spanner in the works. It is vital that you check your credit report before applying to smoothen the process.

Check the fine print

Just because a loan has a low interest rate it does not mean that you are getting the best value for your money. You should look at a loans ongoing fees to see if the loan will be affordable for your financial situation. The ongoing costs of a loan can either make or break your repayment plans. It is important that you weigh these ongoing costs and features to find the best solution for you. Asking your lender about these fees will help you see the affordability of a loan.

Speak to the professionals

The core of any business to function properly is to have its finances in order. However, if you are looking for an affordable solution that will keep your business moving forward without burning a hole in your pocket you will have to speak to a professional. Consultants, brokers, and financial advisors are all there to help you find a financial product that will do more for your business instead of sinking it. You can speak to such professionals to make an informed decision.