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Thinking of buying your dream car? Savvy offers a complete range of car finance options to suit all needs.

Save more on your car finance

Saving on car finance is made easy by approaching a car finance broker like Savvy. Looking for car finance can prove to be a time-consuming task. If you are in the market for a new car, looking for the most competitive car finance option can take as much time – if not more. Though we all know what we want when it comes to car features be it leather seats, infotainment, turbo, or traction control; it’s harder to pick which car finance deal is right for you. Savvy’s brokers find loans from over 25 lenders and work hard to ensure you’ve got the most competitive deal.

Fast and easy applications

Applying with us is fast and easy – and you can complete the process online. Using the latest in technology we can process your application with a minimum of delay. Our automated systems are 100% secure and you can complete the process within the same day (though this can vary.) If you have questions, your dedicated loan consultant is on hand to provide answers and guidance through the whole process. We help people with bad credit gain car finance too – ask a loan consultant for more information.

See how Savvy can help you in your car loan

Comparing lenders can help you get great rates and save thousands! Compare Australia’s top lenders with us and save.

Compare and save
Compare and save with savvy. Savvy will shop your deal from multiple lenders to get you the best deal.
Same day approvals
Our application is fast & easy. Savvy has the systems, technology and consultants for fast approval.
Low rates
Savvy, through its lending panel can provide you with some of the competitive rates on the market.
Access to multiple lenders
We have access to Australia’s top financiers and lenders so we find you the best car loan deal.
100% finance
Savvy can provide 100% finance and all types of insurance to make sure you have adequate protection.
Obligation free application
All applications with Savvy are obligation free. We compare lenders, you choose.

What you need to consider about car loan finance?

Five aspects of car finance you shouldn’t overlook

Fixed vs variable loans

Though not as common as their fixed counterparts, you can get a variable rate car loan. These are harder to budget for due to their rates being pegged by the official cash rate set by the RBA. You could experience reduced repayments if the market goes down; but increased payments if the rates go up.

Additional repayments

Making additional repayments on your loan can reduce your loan term and overall interest paid. The easiest way is to increase your repayment frequency from monthly to fortnightly payments, as you make 26 payments throughout the year, equivalent to an “extra” monthly payment. Some loans may allow you to make extra lump sum repayments, “top ups”, or increase your regular repayment amount without penalty. This helps reduce the amount of interest and your loan term.

100% finance and deposits

The best practice is to have at least 20% in deposit or trade-in value when buying a car. However, you can borrow 100% of the vehicles value in some instances, conditions may apply.

Bad credit car finance

If you have a lower than average credit score (600 or below, from a top score of 1200) you may find it difficult to obtain car finance. Options are available for people with bad or impaired credit to gain car loan approval. In most cases, these loans will have higher than average interest rates, due to increased risk on a lender’s part. Even so, it can be a pathway to car ownership.

Low doc car finance

For the entrepreneur or the self-employed, car finance can be a tricky path to navigate. Some sole traders cannot qualify for business car loans due to the 50% use case threshold. In that instance, they can opt for a low documentation or “low doc” loan, which uses fewer points of data to assess creditworthiness. This helps you get a car loan but may have higher interest rates as a result.