7 ways to make your small apartment feel large

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 09:31 am by Bill Tsouvalas

For some people this spacing could be even smaller. You might be thinking of getting a new home upgrade with a home loan, or just pushing time until you can afford something bigger. There are a few sneaky ways that you can make a small apartment feel large.

According to the Australian Bureau of statistics (ABS) the average Australian lives in a free-standing home with three bedrooms.The size of these apartments is usually 241 m2.

Light neutral colours to widen space

light neutral colours are the way to for both walls and floors. It is not only budget friendly, but it also helps reflecting light which gives the illusion of a space being wide. You don’t always have to stick to white or beige, which are the classical neutral colours. If you love colour you can play around with pastels, or simply give your room that added edge by paint one side of the wall in a rich colour. This will be best for your focal area where you have main items such as your couch, or TV set.

You can throw all the shade you want

When it comes to hanging blinds, curtains, or shade the interior design rule for making any space look bigger is to hang them close to the ceiling. This will not only make your ceilings look higher, but also make the space feel bigger. A handy tip is to never match your curtains to the shade of any furniture you might have, or the colour of your walls. It is all about contrast.

There are levels to the décor game

The smartest way to make any room feel large is to play with the lines and levels. If you want to install shelving to keep your books, you can run them vertically near the ceiling. This does not only give a space a modern chic feel, but it will also draw people’s eyes towards your wonderful taste of books. The trick here is to maintain your books in a neat order, breaking it up with a statement piece book end. If book ends are not your thing, then keeping your books in a colour coded set up could do the trick.

Know where to draw the line

Lines are important to a room as they can draw your eyes towards objects, and around a room. It can also make a room appear to be larger. Adding a carpet on the floor with vertical lines can make any room appear bigger. Knowing how to place your carpet, or mat in relation to your furniture will also be a defining factor as to whether it enlarges the room or make it look cramped.

Show those legs off

When buying furniture for the living room, your best option is to go for a one statement piece corner couch that fills the room. Don’t be shy to show it’s legs off by getting a couch that has legs. These are perfect to give the illusion of free-flowing space.

Be transparent

Having furniture that gives the illusion of floating in the air is almost magical. The latest range in lucid furniture, which is transparent, is also excellent in decluttering a room. It will also put pressure on you to keep your spaces clean. Hopefully this won’t become an issue at night in terms of stubbing your toes.

Clever storage space

Investing in practical furniture is not only convenient, but also helps in decluttering a space. There are arrays of furniture that can also work as slide in’s. This will be perfect especially when you have guest over.

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