4 things to know before getting a car loan for a classic car

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 10:18 am by Bill Tsouvalas

Spotting a rare gem in the form of a classic car can be a worthwhile investment since such cars appreciate in value than depreciate like ordinary cars. However, these cars do not come cheap either and not having the finances saved up for it can make you lose out on the chance of snatching the car of your dreams. Here are five things you need to know when it comes to using a car loan to buy a classic car.

1. Get an expert valuation

Researching a car can come with the benefit of knowing whether you are getting your money’s worth or if you are being taken for a ride. Not everyone when it comes to looking at a classic car and being able to tell what its true value is. This is where you bring in the experts who will can help you evaluate the true cost of the car so that you don’t fork out more than you should.

2. You will need a good credit score

Buying a classic car usually comes with a hefty price tag, which could lead to you borrowing a large amount of money from a lender. This means that you need to have a good credit score which can prove your credibility when it comes to paying off loans and credit. Checking your credit score before applying can let you know whether you will qualify for a loan. Having a deposit saved up along with a good credit score can also increase your borrowing power to adequately cover the cost of driving off with a classic car.

3. A loan that is tailored for classic cars

An ordinary car loan may limit your chances of purchasing a classic car. Therefore, it is important that you compare various lenders and loans to see if they offer loans that come with an adequate amount to cover your classic car expenses. Classic car loans tailored for classic cars do not come with a restriction on the cars, but keep in mind that your credit history needs to be a good one.

4. Comparing features of a car loan

Remember that when you take out a car loan with a lender it is important that you look beyond the interest rate. Although the interest rate affects how you will be able to meet repayments, comparing other features such as fees and the loans flexibility will show you if you will be able to afford the loan in the long run.

Checking the repayment terms and whether you can make early repayments without attracting a penalty fee is essential.

Always keep in mind if a classic car is something that you can afford and will be able to maintain without busting your budget. Remember to check the ongoing cost, fees, and charges to see if your loan is suitable for you.

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