Fixed Rate Car Loans from 3.99% p.a.

Find competitive fixed rate car loans and drive away your car with a better deal. (4.36% p.a. comparison rate)

No obligation. It won't affect your credit score.

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Fixed Rate Car Loan

If you’re looking for a car loan, you would’ve come across fixed rate car loans while navigating the market. When applying for financing, a fixed rate helps you keep your interest rate at the same level throughout your loan term. With Savvy, this means that you can enjoy savings with a competitive rate over a flexible loan term of up to seven years from our panel of over 25 of Australia’s top lenders.

The interest rate is one of the most important aspects of a car loan to get right. Paying for your loan over several years means interest will build up over that time no matter what, so it’s in your best interest that it’s as low as possible. With Savvy in your corner, you can enjoy an optimal rate throughout your repayment period. Apply now with a quick quote and see how much you can save.

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Our fixed rate car loan features

Fixed competitive interest rate

You can lock in a competitive interest rate starting from just 3.99% p.a. (4.36% p.a. comparison rate) and enjoy savings across your car loan.

Borrow what you need

With amounts available from $5,000 up to 100% of your car’s value, we can help you access a diverse range of cars.

Shape your own repayments

With repayment terms of one to seven years on monthly, fortnightly or weekly schedules, you have plenty of say in how you repay.

No early termination fee

While some loans come with fees for paying off your loan ahead of schedule, Savvy can help you find a loan with no early termination fee to give greater flexibility to your loan repayment.

Additional repayments

The primary fees to compare on loans are ongoing fees of up to $20 and establishment fees of up to $600, although both can be waived, while you’ll incur fees up to $50 for late repayments.


Don’t have a deposit? Don’t worry – we can find loans for you that don’t require a deposit, subject to approval.

Buy your car the right way with Savvy

Your car loan application process

Frequently asked questions about car finance rates

What are the benefits of fixed interest rates?

There are several key factors you can benefit from when it comes to fixed rates on car finance. Firstly, fixed rates provide a degree of certainty in terms of how much you’ll be paying each month. This ensures that you can more accurately budget around your repayments and have a greater understanding of your expenses month-to-month. You’re also protected by any rises in national or lender interest rates, which can save you money.

A benefit of car finance as a whole is that it brings car purchases within your reach and enables you to pay for them in a more manageable manner.

How can I reduce my fixed interest rate on a car loan?

There are a variety of factors that can impact the rate at which your interest is fixed.

Firstly, improving your credit score will go a long way towards reducing your rate, as a high rating is an indication of your trustworthiness when borrowing money in the past. This may be through paying off existing finance debts, lowering credit limits and continuing to pay your bills on time.

Buying brand-new will afford you access to the lowest fixed rates, while avoiding too many job changes and maintaining a consistent income will also help.

Are fixed interest rates lower than variable rates?

Yes – fixed rates are offered at a lower initial cost than variable rates from the outset of your car finance agreement. This is because lenders account for the potential for interest rates to fall at some stage during the loan, which doesn’t have to be factored in when locking rates in at the beginning of the loan.

Am I able to refinance my loan down the track or am I locked in?

Yes, you can refinance your fixed rate car loan. This essentially means you’re taking out a loan to cover the cost of your existing loan and pay off a new debt instead. The fact that car loan rates are fixed doesn’t prevent you from refinancing to access a lower interest rate if you find one further into your loan repayments; you won’t be locked in for the long haul with a car loan through Savvy.

Can my car loan’s fixed period finish before the end of the loan term?

No – your interest rate will be fixed consistently across the loan, regardless of term length.

Is it possible to access a good fixed rate on an unsecured car loan?

Yes – while unsecured car loans (otherwise known as unsecured personal loans) generally come at a higher rate, we can still find you a great deal via one of our lenders. In general, the best way to minimise your fixed rate on an unsecured loan is to have an excellent credit score or have a successful history of repaying a similar financing agreement in the past.

These loans are only generally used when buying a car that exceeds our lender’s age limits (up to 20 to 25 years old); otherwise, all of the loans our lenders offer are secured, which reduces the rate in itself.

Can I access great fixed rates for commercial car products?

Yes – you can apply for a variety of commercial car finance products through Savvy. Whether you’re looking for a chattel mortgage, car lease, novated lease or hire purchase, we can help you lock in the right fixed rate deal for you.