Urgent Cash Loans

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Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 03:09 pm by Bill Tsouvalas

Urgent Cash Loans

When it's urgent, cash loans can help

Life is hardly ever dull, and it’s full of both pleasant and unwanted surprises. You can access urgent cash loans for anything between $300 and $5,000 when you need to address an unplanned cost – but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a cash loan wisely for other purchases. It doesn’t just have to be things you need to get done, like car or house repairs, medical and dental bills. You can use urgent cash loans to pay for things that make you happy too. Holidays, birthday or Christmas gifts – and even work equipment and career training – cash loans make just about anything more achievable.

How can Savvy help to qualify for a cash loan?

Here at Savvy, we know every single borrower has different needs – so we don’t just direct you to any old lender. When you shop for online cash loans via Savvy, we’ll quickly assess your requirements and pick the best option from our extensive list of lender partners and products. That means you’ve got more chance of a straightforward application process, and you’re likely to get faster access to urgent funds too – exactly when you need them, not after a long, drawn-out process. We’ve helped thousands of Australians qualify for urgent cash loans, we know the marketplace, and we understand borrowers.

Why choose Savvy?

How to apply for an urgent cash loan?

All Your urgent cash loan questions answered

What if I've got bad credit history - can I still get an urgent cash loan?
It’s very likely you still can. Lenders look more at affordability than they do at history. They’re more interested in your current financial situation than anything else. Even if you’ve got bad credit, urgent cash loans are a viable way to address unexpected expenses – and Savvy can select a lender who’ll consider your application.
How do I repay an urgent cash loan?
Urgent cash loan repayment terms are extremely flexible. You can choose to borrow over anything between just sixteen days and two years, then set repayments up to match how you receive your income – which means monthly, fortnightly, or weekly.
How do other urgent cash loan fees work?
All urgent cash loan fees get capped – making them remarkably easy to budget and plan for, which is excellent in an emergency. You’ll pay a maximum of 4% for regular repayments and 20% for the set-up cost. That equates to $12 and $60, respectively, for a $300 urgent cash loan.
Who can qualify for an urgent cash loan in Australia?
Anyone who is a resident or citizen, over eighteen, and has some form of regular income – which doesn’t necessarily need to be wages. You can apply for an urgent cash loan on Centrelink, and you’ll still be considered for an urgent cash loan when self-employed. The main requirement is that you can afford the repayments.
What are some urgent cash loan alternatives?
If you’re buying a vehicle, a car loan could work well for you. If you want to borrow a more considerable amount over a more extended period, then you could consider applying for a personal loan. However, both of those options can come with early repayment fees, so if you think things might change and you’d rather borrow short-term without getting penalised for repaying early, you might be better off sticking with an urgent cash loan.