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, updated on October 4th, 2023       

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The features of personal loans with easy approvals

Instant approval and 24-hour funds

You’ll receive an instant decision on your personal loan in just 60 seconds and have your funds transferred directly into your bank account within one day.

Simple online application process

The entire process of completing your personal loan application is conducted online, with a simple form and submitting documents only taking a matter of minutes to finish.

Get approved for $50,000 or more

When accessing unsecured personal finance, you can get approved for as much as $50,000, with secured loans offering a more expansive borrowing power of $100,000.

Choose your preferred loan term

As part of your personal loan application, you get to decide whether to take on your agreement over a short or long term, with lengths available from one to seven years.

Diverse income types accepted

No matter whether you’re working full-time, part-time, casually, running your own business or receiving a combination of incomes, you can count them towards your loan.

Unrestricted usage of loan funds

When it comes to how your loan can be used, there are almost no restrictions placed on you. Consolidate debt, pay for a new laptop for uni or even cover a cosmetic procedure.

Types of personal loan

Why compare personal loans through Savvy?

How to maximise the speed of your personal loan application

Common questions about personal loans with easy approvals

Can I make extra repayments on my loan?

Yes – we can connect you with lenders who offer personal loans without any fees associated with making additional contributions and completing your loan repayments ahead of schedule. The key benefit to paying out your personal loan at a faster rate is that you can significantly cut down on the interest and fees paid overall. This is because interest is calculated based on your loan amount remaining at any given time, meaning that it’ll decrease more sharply with your repayments. Check that your lender doesn’t charge any fees for doing so in the comparison process. 

What factors will affect my loan’s interest rate?

Your loan’s interest rate is shaped by several different factors, which will all additionally play a role in the ease of approval for your application. Your credit rating and income are the two biggest influences here, as the level of risk you pose as a customer is shaped by your past record servicing debt and how comfortable you are in repaying your instalments each month. The stability of your employment also plays a role, while the type of interest you choose (fixed or variable) will also affect your rate.

Am I still able to experience easy approval with a secured loan?

Yes – despite taking slightly longer to process than unsecured loans, opting for secured financing can often boost your chances of approval. This is because you’re adding an asset as collateral, giving your lender a measure to fall back on in the unlikely event that you become unable to complete your loan repayments. As such, you’re usually able to borrow more at a lower rate.

Can I access loans with easy approval in Australia if I have bad credit?

Yes – we’re partnered with flexible financiers who can consider applicants looking for bad credit loans. These loans come at a maximum of $12,000 up to terms of two to three years, with higher interest rates and fees enforced. However, they’re the same aside from these factors, serving as a fast and easy finance solution to be used in just about any way you like.

Is it easier to get approved with a joint application?

In most cases, yes – adding a second income to your loan’s repayments can often instil greater confidence in your lender that it can be more comfortably repaid. This is because the overall disposable income is increased, decreasing the percentage that your loan’s repayments take up overall. Because of this, you can often increase your borrowing power by applying with your partner, which is particularly useful if you’re looking to take on a shared expense together.

How easy is it to get approved while receiving Centrelink benefits?

It’s still pretty easy – we work with lenders who allow borrowers to include certain Centrelink benefits in their total income as part of their application. These benefits must be stable and consistent across your loan term, so they’re limited to pensions like aged, disability, veterans’, carers’, single parent and other similar payments. JobSeeker and Youth Allowance on their own can’t be included, as they’re able to be easily changed if the recipient finds a job, completes their studies or passes a certain age.

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