Don’t sweat bad credit with a personal loan

If you need a personal loan, we can help you get approved!

Bad credit? Don’t worry

Bad credit might be an impediment in life, especially when it isn’t your fault. Defaults on your credit history can happen due to dodgy housemates, unforeseen accidents, and other misfortunes. That shouldn’t mean you’re punished for it forever. Our consultants help dozens of Australians with bad credit get approved for a personal loan. Whether it’s to consolidate higher-interest debts, urgent purchases or for something special, you can trust the team at Savvy to help you with the entire process from start to finish, assessing your potential for not only approval, but also a competitive rate as possible, tailored to your situation.

We shop your loan around to over 25 of Australia’s leading lenders and banks to ensure you get a fair deal. Your consultant will give you an honest assessment of your financial situation and tell you if this solution is suitable for your finances.

Forge ahead with better finances

If you are stuck in a “debt trap” – paying off credit cards with other credit cards, balance transferring while spending more – a personal loan could help you out of the debt spiral. According to credit reporting agency Veda, 600,000 Australians are at-risk for credit default. This means you are far from alone when it comes to having a poor credit history. Savvy understands this, and knows that a personal loan for debt consolidation purposes can give you a leg up out of debt and into good financial standing.

By paying off debts with a lower interest loan (by comparison), over time your credit history will reflect a better financial standing and a “clean” record. Before you apply, you must understand any risks involved. Savvy are responsible lenders and will tell you any obligations you have up front. Our consultants will treat your application with the utmost care and attention. That’s the Savvy way.

Searching for bad credit personal loans? Look no further

Compare a range of personal loan offers from top lenders. We offer competitive rates, even with customers with bad credit

Unsecured loans
Savvy gives you the choice and flexibility of unsecured personal loans, even for bad credit customers.
Higher approval rates
We help you get personal loan approval using our panel of lenders and years of expertise.
Personal service
Personal loans come with Savvy personalised service – you deserve the best.
Fair deals
Though your interest rate will be higher, we fight for fair deals for all.
Flexible options
Terms that suit you better; not the other way around.
Fast applications
Your entire application will be a breeze thanks to our state-of-the-art systems.