Flexible and affordable wedding loans

Get a simple approach to financing your wedding with a personal loan that offers you a competitive rate

Spend on big things with low rates

The average cost of a wedding in Australia can cost more than $50,000 which can be a sobering thought. You can spend $21,250 on venue hire alone. But there is a way to get your dream wedding without accumulating debt. Get a loan that comes with flexible repayment plans that don’t break the bank from our top leading suite of lenders to help you take care of every cost. We understand your need to make your day memorable. We cover small intimate weddings to big weddings costs at a low rate.

Get your dream wedding

At Savvy we understand that when planning a wedding the expenses can increase which cause couples to go over their budget. We offer financing that comes with affordable interest rates that can be paid over a period up to 7 years. Our team of consultants offers help from start to finish of your loan application to ensure that you get the right fit for your wedding and honeymoon. Avoid a financial debt hangover as you start this new chapter of your life with expert finance solutions.

See how we can help you with your wedding finance

Tailor-made financing that to manage wedding expenses

Finance all expenses
Whether you are looking for a loan to pay for the venue, honeymoon and more we got you covered.
Zero surprises
Get financing that comes with fixed rates to help you stick to your budget with no changes in rates.
Quick application process
We have the technology and team of experts that will ensure that you have a quick application process.
Flexible repayments
Find flexible repayments plans that work with your finances and can be spread out between 1-7 years.
Tailor made solutions
We help you find an interest rate tailored to suit your financial needs to help you manage repayments.
Help from start to finish
Our team of experienced consultants will help you from start to finish to get the most out of your loan.