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Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 03:00 pm by Bill Tsouvalas

Cash advance loans

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There’s nothing worse than finding yourself strapped for cash, unsure what you’ll do next. It feels stressful and might see you running around in circles. One solution is a cash advance loan. These loans can come to the rescue when you need cash to cover urgent and unexpected expenses. That’s because getting a loan is simple and straightforward. In many cases, applicants get cash on the same day. Read on for more information on how to apply.

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Savvy are one of Australia’s leading experts in cash advance lending, helping dozens of Australians take care of urgent expenses such as medical bills, immediate travel, or replacements for critical equipment such as computers or phones – usually less than $500 for 10-week terms. You can apply fast on our secure servers or talk to one of our understanding consultants. When you need a cash advance, Savvy has your back.

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Getting Started with cash advance loans

Got questions about cash advance loans?

What is a cash advance loan?

A cash advance loan is a type of micro personal loan that is smaller than traditional personal loans. These may range from as little as $500 up to $5,000. Small loans have shorter terms than personal loans – a minimum of three months up to 24 months.

Is a cash advance the same as a payday loan?

No. A payday loan usually requires the borrower to pay back the loan on their next pay period as a “garnish” or direct debit. You may pay the cash advance back according to your agreed schedule.

Is it going to cost me double for a cash advance?

No; interest rates for cash advances are set fees. You must pay a 20% establishment fee and a monthly fee of 4% for sums up to $2,000. We are accredited brokers and adhere to responsible lending practices, so you’ll always know where you stand.

How do I pay a loan back?

You can choose a direct debit or an alternative method by speaking to one of our consultants.

Who can apply for a cash advance?

People over the age of 18, who are Australian citizens or permanent residents, been receiving regular income for at least 90 days into a bank account and have an active email and/or mobile number.

I am a single parent; can I apply for a cash advance?

Yes. We welcome all types of applications based on our eligibility criteria.

I am on Centrelink, am I able to apply for a cash advance?

Yes – you are welcome to apply however, we need consistent form of employment income.

What if I have had bad credit in the past?

We work hard to find solutions for customers with bad credit, helping people out of urgent situations. Talk to one of our consultants to see what options are available.

How long does it take to apply?

It only takes a few minutes using your browser; or you can talk to one of our consultants.

Learn more about cash advance loans

100% finance for bad credit business loans?

A cash advance is for anything that needs instant payment and is important to you. This might be car repairs; car registration; new furniture or a bond payment; replacement of appliances such as fridges or washing machines; unexpected utility bills; wedding costs; urgent travel expenses; medical bills; funeral expenses – whatever you need covered, a cash advance can help you through a tough time.

How to better manage your repayments?

Though you might feel relief once your emergency is sorted with a cash advance loan, the hard part comes when repayments are due. You can help manage your repayments by using a direct debit facility, which takes out the amounts each period without you having to think about it. However, it’s on you to make sure your account is not in overdraft. This can result in more fees.

Mistakes to avoid when applying for cash advance loans

When applying for a cash advance loan, there are many traps people fall into. One of the mistakes is applying for many cash advance loans at once as the purchase you intend to make is urgent. This can hurt your prospects for approval, as it shows up on your credit history as a negative. You should apply only once you’re ready and have a definite budget. Borrowing more than necessary also means paying back more in interest.

How to get ahead of your repayments

If you are struggling, a cash advance loan can be a lifesaver when unexpected bills pop up. As we mentioned, using a direct debit account is the best way to get ahead of repayments. However reducing spending can also make sure you have the money in your account. This might be cutting back on subscription services such as streaming or Pay TV; quitting memberships like the gym; avoiding eating out; buying groceries in bulk; stop spending on your credit card, which only increases your interest payments overall.