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Competitive rates for all equipment

Taking your business to the next level means investing in quality equipment that is robust and reliable. However, finding financial solutions can sometimes see the application process moving at a snail pace when you approach mainstream financial institutions. At Savvy, we understand the needs of your business to purchase the best in yellow goods. You can compare competitive deals to help you purchase your equipment fast and easy.

Fair deals

Find low rate finance solutions to purchase dozers, dump trucks, large & small haul trucks, large excavators or any type of yellow good. We source equipment loans from over 40 of Australia’s leading lenders and bankers to help you get the fairest and best available deal with the lowest rates to help you upgrade your fleet to equipment that has the modern technology edge and reliability to help you get the job done.

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Common questions on yellow goods finance answered

What type of equipment can I finance?

At Savvy we provide financing for all types of yellow goods such as construction equipment, mining equipment, large & small haul trucks, dozers, large excavators, loaders and more. If it’s yellow goods we finance it.

My business is new. Can I still get financing?

Yes. At Savvy we offer tailor-made solutions for eligible new businesses. Get a quote today if you're unsure whether you'll qualify for a loan.

When can I make payments?

At Savvy we offer flexible repayment plans that range from weekly, fortnightly, or monthly to work with your cash flow.

How long are your financing terms?

We have flexible financing terms that range from 12 months to 7 years.

Are there potential tax benefits?

Yes. Your commercial finance options allow you to claim GST, depreciation and interest on heavy plant, machinery purchases, or leases. In some cases, you can claim the fuel input tax credit.

How do I know that leasing is the right option for my business?

At Savvy, we're here to help you evaluate which finance option will be suitable for your business. You can speak to one of our consultants to find out which one will work for you.

What happens to the goods at the end of a lease contract?

You will be given the option of purchasing the vehicle outright provided that you settle the residual value payment.

More about yellow goods finance

Purchasing yellow goods at an auction

It is not unlikely for business owners to look towards private sales and auctions to purchase their machinery that will get the job done, but there are a few things that you can do to make purchasing your yellow goods at an auction worth your while. Planning in terms of how much you are willing to spend will prevent you from purchasing an equipment that takes a huge chunk out of your budget. Researching can help you to be better prepared in negotiating a better deal.

Managed obsolescence

Machinery is the backbone that keeps businesses moving forward. The intense workload and movement these machines must endure means that they wear and tear at a quick rate. More business owners are faced with the challenge of being able to manage the obsolesces of their machines without costing their business. Finance options such as operational leases allow you to manage the obsolescence of your machinery by making it easier to upgrade at a low cost.

Lease options

Leasing is a common option that can help with making yellow goods easier to purchase. Businesses that do not have enough capital can get access to 100% financing, which comes with flexible schedules to make repaying your loan easier. Leasing provides business owners with various options when they reach the end of their loan term. Once you have paid the residual in full you are able to get ownership of the machinery, sell it or upgrade it.

Reduced risk

Choosing a finance option that comes with reduced risk will be beneficial in many ways. Buying yellow goods is not an option that is viable for many businesses. Depending on the type of financing, you can look for a solution that handles your maintenance and tax costs. Financing leases remove having to claim the full GST on the purchase price along with an input tax credit.

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