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Running a farm is as unpredictable as the weather. At Savvy, we understand why you need flexible, accessible finance
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Farmers and others running their own rural business are often required to juggle many different needs all at once. Fortunately, if you’re in need of a helping hand when it comes to paying for vehicles like tractors, equipment, machinery, livestock and more, Savvy can help your business achieve its financial goals. 

We’re partnered with lenders from around Australia, so our team of dedicated consultants can find the best deal available through our partners and do the heavy lifting for you. You can start the process today by getting a free quote.

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Why choose Savvy when you need rural finance?

What are my rural finance options with Savvy?

Livestock finance solutions

Livestock loans are designed to make sure the ups and downs of seasonal cash flow don't impact your herds' wellbeing or quality. This type of lending is secured against your stock, so the rates are more favourable than unsecured loans. You're free to use funds to maintain herds, add to numbers and even pay for veterinary costs and feed. Livestock finance is a great way to ensure that come Spring, your cattle and sheep make it to market in tiptop condition and attract the best prices per head.

Farm equipment finance

At Savvy, we deal with reputable lenders that offer a wide choice of vehicle, machinery, and plant finance options for farming and agribusinesses. Depending on the nature of your business and needs, you can opt to lease or loan a variety of farming equipment. From utes and trailers to heavy trucks and harvesters, choose from chattel mortgage vehicle finance if you want to own equipment in the longer term or an operating lease if you need to upgrade machinery frequently.

Short-term farm finance

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, and farming is no different. In fact, the seasonal nature of agriculture demands more flexible shorter term financing options than many other businesses. Whether you need to access invoice lending or look at an alternative source of finance, Savvy's rural finance partners offer a selection of products with farm finance in mind.

Acreage loans and hobby farm finance

When you need to expand, a Savvy rural finance consultant can help you figure out your situation and which lenders suit your plans. Specialist acreage loan providers generally offer commercial products with more scope than home loans for rural finance and land purchases. Whether that's a sizeable cattle farming concern down in Victoria or a profit-making country retreat up in Queensland, Savvy partners with home-grown rural loan providers to suit.

Your frequently asked questions about farm finance options

Can I get a low doc farm loan?

Yes – we understand farming doesn't always play by the rules. Several great seasons can be followed by a few less profitable ones and specialist farming finance lenders know that too. If you don't have all the documents you'd need to qualify for a standard loan, your Savvy consultant can discuss your low doc finance options with you.

Should I lease or buy my farm equipment?

The answer to this depends on your business’ current financial position and whether you wish to own the asset you’re purchasing long-term. For instance, if you wanted to use a tractor for a few years but upgrade to a newer one down the track, you’re likely to be better off with an operating lease. If you were a big fan of the tractor and planned to own it from the outset, you should look at chattel mortgage options. Lease payments are cheaper than loan payments, but it’ll cost more overall to continually lease an asset than buy it outright.

My farm business is very seasonal. Are there payment options to suit?

Yes – there are specialist lenders who can offer favourable repayment options to businesses operating seasonally. For instance, if you're funding livestock, you may be able to arrange your repayments to be structured around the buying and selling or breeding cycles. With arable farming, repayment terms might be tailored to the sowing, growing, and harvest seasons.

Can farms borrow for equipment other than vehicles and machinery?

Yes – farms can access loans for the vehicles and machinery they need to run operations, but they're also free to use funds to buy a range of other assets. That could be computer equipment, food processing plant, or even improvements to fencing or cattle grids.

Why use a broker to find farm finance?

Like most other sectors, farming has its own set of specific financial headaches. That's why it's essential to stick with lenders who understand how you need to borrow and when flexible repayment options are necessary. Savvy's commercial finance consultants are experts at matching borrowers with lenders, saving you money, and reducing the time it takes to access funds.

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