Flexible and reliable funding for your heavy plant

Whether you’re in manufacturing, mining or construction, we find the right loan or lease for your machinery or plant

Loans for heavy industry

Savvy helps businesses in manufacturing, mining and heavy industry finance mobile plant for construction, aviation and rail plant, energy industrial machinery, light industrial plant, commercial enterprise business machinery, and materials handling. We tailor loans and leases for all types of heavy machinery and plant, working with you to find a product that helps your business. We connect with more lenders to give you more opportunity to save.

Flexible and affordable Plant finance

Whether you’re looking to buy new, refinance existing plant, or replace your old machinery or plant, Savvy has a range of commercial loan options, such as affordable and flexible chattel mortgages and commercial hire purchases. We also help your business find the best deals and lowest finance rates on commercial leases. Choose from a tailored lease solution such as finance leases or operating leases.

Calculate, compare and save on plant & machinery finance

Finding a flexible and affordable deal on plant or machinery finance is crucial to heavy industry. Find out how much you can save by comparing our range of loans. Use our machinery and plant finance calculator and see the numbers.

LenderProduct NameAdvertised RateComparison RateMonthly Repayment
SavvySecured Plant and Machinery Loan4.99%
BankWestBusiness FeeSaver Loan - Res Sec5.80%
BankSABusiness Loan Variable6.78%
ANZBusiness Loan Variable - Res Sec7.10%
Commonwealth BankBBL Var Non-Res Sec7.81%

* Commercial loan with the loan amount of $40,000 is looking at a 5 year secured fixed rate of 4.99% p.a. and comparison rate of 6.60% p.a.. WARNING: all fees and charges may not be included on the example above, only the comparison rates, monthly repayment and total cost applies. Therefore, the total cost of the loan might be different. Comparison rate do not include broker fees, redraw fees, early termination fees and fee waivers. Comparison rate may change as a result of the different loan terms, fees and the loan amounts. Establishment fees and monthly fees do not apply to commercial loans, only consumer loans. However, there might be different fees apply.

See how we can help you with your finance

Navigating the plant and machinery finance process can be daunting. Your consultant assists with every facet of applying for plant and machinery finance, no matter what type of industry you’re in

Loans for heavy industry
Savvy offers some of the lowest rates on loans for plant that powers manufacturing, mining or construction sector.
Operating and finance leases
Stay on the cutting edge with our flexible and low rate operating and finance leases for your plant & machinery business.
You choose, we serve
We find loans for mobile plant and heavy machinery for aviation, rail, mining, shipping, heavy industry and much more.
No surprises
Project expenditure with fixed interest rates, repayment plans and flexible terms so you can get plant and keep your finances in control.
Your own consultant
You get your own consultant to help you through the plant machinery finance process, get all your finance questions answered.
100% finance
Keep your capital where it counts with 100% finance so you can gain critical plant and machinery to keep your cash flowing.