Three-quarters of Australians Likely to Take Domestic Holidays in 2022, Despite COVID-19 Hesitancy

How do Australians feel about holidaying domestically in 2022 with new COVID-19 variants? Read our report to discover if they will, why and how!
Last updated on May 12th, 2022
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Bill Tsouvalas
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Australian Domestic Holiday Sentiments Survey 2022

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Two years into the pandemic, Australia has high vaccination rates and most of its domestic borders are open. Yet, what are our thoughts about going on a domestic holiday in 2022? Savvy asked 1000 Australians if they would be travelling within their backyard and how they feel about it.


  • 77% of respondents are likely to travel in 2022, despite new COVID-19 variants
  • Half of respondents find it easy to find COVID-19 travel information and are neutral about changing plans
  • Queensland and New South Wales are the top two destinations, attracting 46% of tourists
  • 43% prefer travelling by car, 34% choose to fly
  • Visiting family and friends is the number one reason to travel, but many keen to discover parts of their own country
  • Three-quarters of Australians likely to spend $500-$5,000 on their holidays
Australian Domestic Holiday Sentiments Survey 2022
Australian Domestic Holiday Sentiments Survey 2022

Most Australians wish to travel, despite some COVID-19 hesitancy

77% of respondents said they are likely to go travelling this year, suggesting that we are taking much-needed relaxation time after a tough 2021 and are learning to live with the virus. Only 5% said it was extremely unlikely they would travel.

With new COVID-19 variants, 35% of respondents are hesitant to travel, but despite this, just under half indicated that they may or may not consider changing their plans. This perhaps indicates that people will make travel decisions closer to the date of departure and based upon outbreak severities. Tasmanians, however, were the most cautious with 48% responding that they definitely would consider altering their plans.

52% of all respondents said it was easy to find information on COVID-19 travel requirements from state to state, which is encouraging.

Likelihood Australians will go on a domestic holiday in 2022

No Data Found

Hesitancy to go on domestic holidays with new COVID-19 variants

No Data Found

Travelling near or far?

The top choice of all respondents planning on going on holiday was a combination of regional and interstate travel (33%), followed by solely interstate travel (31%).

State by state, logically 47% of Canberrans will travel interstate to New South Wales (due to the small size of their territory) and 27% of Tasmanians will travel to Victoria (due to their relative isolation from the mainland). West Australians however remain extremely loyal to their home state, with 53% choosing to holiday within their own region.

Of all the interstate regions respondents can travel to, Queensland is the top destination of choice, with 24% planning on vacationing there. New South Wales is a close second attracting 22% of respondents. Together, both states prove that the East coast of Australia, with its cities, beaches and ideal weather, remains one of Australia’s top tourism destinations.

‘All he needed was a wheel in his hand and four on the road’ – Jack Kerouac

Car travel is second nature to most Australians, in an enormous country where ‘just down the road’ can mean a few kilometres to a few thousand. In 2022, car travel is favoured by 43% of respondents for their domestic holidays across all age groups. This could suggest that people will try to limit their contact with other travellers. Flying is the second choice with 34% planning to use it, particularly for those based in remote areas such as Tasmania (60%) and the Northern Territory (56%). Many will also use a combination of both methods of transport.

Hitting the road in a caravan or motorhome was most popular with respondents in the 45+ age group (the grey nomads), but also remains a choice for many younger age segments.

How Australians are planning to travel

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Keeping our loved ones close or road-tripping?

Lockdowns have kept us apart for so long, so visiting our friends and family is the most popular reason for travel (45% of respondents). We are keen to see our wide brown land too, with 29% of respondents (mainly under 44 years old) wanting to discover parts of Australia they have never seen. The exploration theme continues with 25% of respondents wanting a road or adventure trip, 8% going to an event and 7% are keen to explore Australia while we have it to ourselves.

12% of respondents cited that it will be just too difficult or expensive to travel overseas, so they will trade international holidays for ones at home.

We are not afraid to spend our cold hard cash either, with 77% of respondents happy to spend between $500-$5000 on their holidays. Only 2% are willing to spend $10,000 or more. For those wishing to embark on their dream holiday, though lacking the available finances, a personal loan is a better choice than putting it on the credit card. 

Australian's reasons for holiday travel

Reason for travel Percentage
Visiting family or friends
Discovering parts of Australia that I've always wanted to see
Going on a road/adventure trip
Revisiting parts of Australia I like
Too difficult or expensive to travel overseas
Going to an event
Taking advantage of no international tourists currently in Australia
Working holiday

Intended spend on next domestic holiday

Intended spend Percentage
Not sure

Bill Tsouvalas, Managing Director of Savvy said:

‘With the numbers of COVID-19 cases changing daily, it’s understandable that some Australians are hesitant to leave the safety of home. However, it is encouraging that three-quarters of us wish to holiday in Australia - indicating that we are familiar with living and travelling with the virus. COVID-19 is no longer the new normal, it’s just everyday life.’

He continued:

‘Having our backyard to ourselves is a huge holiday opportunity. So if we are permitted and have the opportunity to travel, just go! It will benefit you and the economy as well.’

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