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Same day small loans for borrowers without the time and hassle required to shop around yourself. Nowhere is faster than Savvy!

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Last updated on April 19th, 2022 at 03:42 pm by Thomas Perrotta

Same day loans from $300 to $5,000 approved

Sometimes life can throw you curveballs with expenses that you have to pay for today, so it’s important to have options to turn to when you need a quick cash boost. That’s why Savvy partners with reputable lenders offering easy, 100% online same day loans from $300 up to $5,000.

You can receive an instant outcome and have your loan approved and money transferred to you in as little as one hour. Don’t wait until tomorrow; get your application started now to ensure you see your money hit your account today.

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Features and eligibility of our same day loan

Outcomes in 60 seconds

Applying through Savvy and your lender will only take a matter of minutes, with an instant outcome in 60 seconds and funds transferred on the day, if not the hour.

Borrow as little as $300 up to $5,000

With flexible loan amounts available from lenders, you can choose to take out any size loan to fit your personal needs.

Flexible usage

Borrowers aren’t restricted when it comes to usage, whether it be for your car registration, rental bonds or something more urgent.

Customise your loan length

You have a say in how your repayments are shaped by altering the length of your loan from 16 days all the way up to two years.

Multiple income sources accepted

We accept income from a variety of sources, meaning you can count Centrelink payments if you receive them in addition to your salary.

Receive money straight into your account

Your lender will transfer you the funds directly into your bank account so you can utilise your funds straight away.

Pay off your loan early

You don’t have to stick to your repayment term. Enjoy the freedom to pay off your loan ahead of schedule.

Fixed repayments

With repayments set in stone based on fixed fees and no interest, you can budget effectively around your small loan.

Why Australians come to Savvy for their cash loan needs

How you can apply for a cash loan with Savvy

Frequently asked small loan questions answered

What requirements do I have to meet to qualify for a same day loan?

All applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age at the time of applying
  • Hold Australian citizenship or permanent residency
  • Have earned a regular, stable income over the past 90 days


Meeting these requirements immediately will help speed up the processing of your application so that you receive your funds on the same day.

How do I ensure I receive my funds on the same day?

There are several ways you can do this through Savvy. Firstly, have all your required documentation on hand ahead of time to send digital copies off quickly. You should also ensure that you don’t ask for more than you can comfortably repay, as that will either hold up your application or lead to it being rejected. Being wary of these will help you maximise your chances of rapid approval.

What will my cash loan cost?

As mentioned, small loans come with fixed fees that are charged based on the size of your loan. Application fees are capped at 20% of your initial loan amount (maxing out at $400 for loans above $2,000) while service fees sit at 4% monthly (up to 48% annually beyond $2,000).

Can I receive my loan on the same day if I’m already repaying a similar loan?

Yes – however, this may make it more difficult to get approved with some lenders. We partner with flexible lenders who can approve borrowers even if they have an existing small loan that they’re repaying; they’ll take extra steps to ensure that you can handle the repayments of both. If you’re taking out a loan to pay off another, however, your application will be denied.

Can I get a small loan with bad credit?

Yes – you can get a small loan with bad credit, provided you can show to your lender that you’re capable of handling repayments of up to $5,000. Because higher loan amounts expose lenders to greater risk of loss in the event you become unable to fulfil your loan obligations, larger amounts up to the maximum will often attract greater scrutiny. This is unlikely to delay the processing of your loan by much, though.

Can I get a cash loan if I’m unemployed?

Yes – our lenders work with borrowers with 50% or more of their income comprising government benefits like Centrelink. Because your chances of success are based on your ability to repay your loan, you can still receive same-day approval even if you’re unemployed. It’s important to note that if you’re in this position, your loan repayments can’t exceed 20% of your income. ‘

As such, if your monthly income is $1,500 with more than 50% coming from Centrelink, the most your repayments could be is $300.

Are there any fees associated with paying off a loan early?

No – lenders don’t charge early termination fees on cash loans, so you can pay off your loan well ahead of schedule if you’re able to and not incur any additional charges.

This will help save you on monthly fees, although you’ll be required to pay off your establishment fee in addition to your loan principal. All of this means that you can receive fast funding and repay your loan in full in a matter of weeks.