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Get approved for cash loan in Sydney

Life is unexpected, to say the least. You never know when you hit an unprecedented roadblock.

Further, when it comes to living in Australia, Sydney is reputed to be one of the most expensive places. Hence it’s easy to find yourself in a tight financial spot.

In such times, it’s easy enough to feel puzzled. However, a bit of cash in hand can often be a helpful tool.

Trouble is, it’s not always easy to get the required amounts of cash. In such situations, a cash loan can come in handy.

A cash loan is a short term, unsecured loan that is meant to serve as a safety tool in times of financial emergency. Cash loans are designed to provide you with instant relief from any financial tight spots that you might find yourself in.

Many people confuse cash loans with personal loans. While it’s true that cash loans are a kind of loan meant to serve for personal uses, nevertheless they have some basic differences when compared to personal loans.

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How to get cash loans in Sydney

Differences between cash and personal loans

Shorter tenures

Cash loans usually have shorter tenures when compared to personal loans. They can be taken for a period ranging from 6 to 24 months.

Smaller amounts

A cash loan is essentially a smaller amount when compared to a personal loan. This can range from anything between $300 to $5000 as per your requirements.

Easier eligibility

It’s comparatively easier to be eligible for cash loans as compared to personal loans. Cash loans have a lower monthly salary requirement and can be taken out even on average credit ratings.

No prepayment charges

With personal loans, if you make a pre-payment, i.e. make a lump-sum payment towards the resolution of your loan, you’ll need to pay certain pre-payment charges as extra. With cash loans, you don’t have to worry about any such penalties.

Fast processing times

Cash loans have faster processing and turnaround times as compared to personal loans. Usually, the entire process is completed in a matter of a few hours.

Advantages of getting a cash loan

Based on the above basic premise, there are several advantages to getting a cash loan.

  • Cash loans are highly convenient tools.
  • They have a high degree of privacy attached to them.
  • Unlike usage-specific loans, cash loans can be used for many purposes.
  • They provide faster temporary relief.
  • They have fewer legal requirements.

What to consider before getting a cash loan

While it’s true that getting a cash loan can provide you with a temporary breather, you need to carefully consider whether the loan is enough to fulfill your purpose.

This is dependent on a variety of factors. Some of these are discussed as follows.

Why do you need a loan?

First, you need to figure out why you need the loan. Is it to pay off a smaller private debt? Perhaps you’re in need of buying some home essentials but just don’t have the cash in hand?

Any of the above can be a good reason to get a cash loan. Doing so can provide you with a quick and easy financial relief.

Who can be your best bet?

As with anything, there are a large number of contenders when it comes to the cash loans market. A simple Google search for cash loans Sydney will turn up thousands of results. So, how do you know which provider to go with?

While you can always spend time trying to search for the perfect lender, it’s best if you save time as well as money and come straight to Savvy. We offer you unmatched rates and impeccable services that meet your needs every time.

Mistakes to avoid while taking out cash loans

  • Neglecting to make timely repayments.
  • Not paying attention to the terms and conditions.
  • Ignoring your credit score maintenance.
  • Not doing the required lender research.
  • Borrowing more than you need.

Keeping the above points in mind will allow you to gauge the right amount that you need as a cash loan. This can not only save you money but also make the repayment process less of a hassle.

Why apply for a cash loan through Savvy?

Common questions about cash loans

When can I apply for a cash loan?

Whenever you like! That’s the entire point of the loan: to help you out when you most need it. Just apply whenever the need arises.

Do I have to physically visit?

Nope. Our cash loan process is entirely online. You can apply and get approved in minutes.

What's the maximum amount I can borrow?

Cash loans with Savvy start for as little as $300, and can go up to $5000.

For what are cash loans used for?

For any personal requirements, such as a sudden car repair or for gifting purposes.

Who can apply?

Any Australian adult with a regular income stream can apply for a cash loan.

How long does the process take?

Application is super simple and requires only a few minutes. If all goes well, then your loan amount will be in your account within an hour or two. However, if further verification is required, the entire process can take up to a day of processing.

How frequently can I apply for cash loans?

The moment you’ve repaid your last loan, you can immediately apply for the next one. No questions asked!

What if I can't repay on time?

Please contact your lender to organise a hardship repayment plan.