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Internet - Compare Broadband & NBN Plans

We’ve partnered with Econnex to bring you a range of internet plans to help you compare them.

When it comes to gaming and streaming, a seamless and lightning-fast internet connection can make all the difference. Finding the best internet plan to support your gaming needs is something avid gamers take seriously. Regardless of the games you play and console you use, having a reliable and high-speed internet connection is non-negotiable for many.

That's why it's crucial to compare plans before you buy, which you can do right here through Savvy. By completing a quick, no-obligation quote through us, you can consider all the available high-speed internet offers for your home from some of Australia's leading providers and filter by cost, speed and more. Get started with us today!

How do I choose the best internet plan for gaming?

Choosing the best internet plan for gaming is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Maximum speed: one of the most critical factors for gaming is high speed. Look for plans with suitable download and upload speeds, which may be NBN 100 or higher for online gaming, as these can help deliver the optimal gaming experience you’re looking for.
  • Latency: alongside speed, latency is another crucial consideration if you’re a gamer. Low latency, also known as ping time, ensures minimal delay between your actions and their reflection in the game. For instance, if a provider’s server is in another city, your ping time may be higher than if it was in your city.
  • Bandwidth: another key area to think about when comparing plans as a gamer is bandwidth. This indicates the amount of data which can be transmitted via your internet connection at once. It’s important to consider this if your household has multiple users, as low bandwidth could result in greater lag.
  • Evening speeds: the maximum speed available on your plan isn’t the only measure you should analyse. If you’re likely to be gaming at peak times, such as in the evening, it’s worth looking at what your provider’s typical evening speed is. Network congestion could mean the speeds you receive when you play are short of the maximum in some cases.
  • Stability and reliability: a stable connection is vital, as you don't want your game disconnecting at a crucial moment. While evening speeds are a good indication of reliability, it may also be worth looking at an internet deal with a plan B, such as an NBN plan with wireless backup to minimise your downtime.
  • Cost: while you want the best gaming experience, it's essential to stay within your budget. Compare plans from different providers to find the best balance between cost and performance, such as the cheapest deal which still meets your speed requirements.
  • Geographic location: your physical location plays a role in your internet quality. Check the availability of high-speed internet options in your area to help you determine which may be the most suitable for your needs. Some rural areas may have limited choices, so consider where you live when choosing your internet plan.

What types of plan can I choose from when searching for the best internet for gaming?

When searching for the best internet plan for gaming and streaming, you have several options to choose from, each with its advantages:



NBN plans are now widely available in Australia and offer various speed tiers. For gaming, NBN 100 (or faster) plans are considered the most reliable and desirable, as they provide higher download and upload speeds. The NBN network offers low latency and reliability, making it suitable for both casual and serious gamers. It's widely available in urban and suburban areas, but availability may be limited in rural regions.

Home wireless broadband

Home wireless broadband

Home wireless broadband plans use mobile networks to provide internet access to your home. They can offer decent speeds and low latency, but their performance may vary based on your location (namely your distance from the nearest tower and whether your view is obstructed) and network congestion. Because most 4G home wireless plans these days don’t exceed 20Mbps to 25Mbps, many may lean towards a 5G connection, which is capable of rivalling top NBN speeds.

Mobile broadband

Mobile broadband

Like home wireless, mobile broadband accesses the internet through mobile networks and can also come in 4G and 5G connections. However, these generally aren’t preferred among console gamers, as data is often capped (potentially making them unsuitable depending on your gaming needs) and the cost of plans for the amount you’re able to use them is generally higher than fixed line and home wireless connections. However, you may find mobile broadband, or data from your phone plan, is suitable for mobile gaming.

Gaming-specific plans

Gaming-specific plans

Some providers offer gaming-specific plans tailored to optimise your gaming experience. These plans may include features like lower latency, optimised routing for game servers and faster upload times. While these plans may come at a premium, serious gamers may find them worthwhile for the enhanced gaming experience. They may also prioritise gaming traffic over other data types, reducing lag and packet loss during online gameplay.

Common questions about internet connections for gaming answered

What is the best internet speed for gaming?

The best internet speed for gaming largely depends on the type of games you play and your preferences as a gamer. If you need a high-speed connection, NBN 100 plans or higher may be what you’re after, while less hardcore gamers who live in small or single-person households may be able to get away with NBN 50 or slower in some cases. Assess your needs before you buy your plan.

Do I have to consider data caps when choosing my internet plan?

Yes – data caps matter for gaming, especially if you play regularly or download large game files. Most fixed line internet connections these days come with unlimited data as standard, as do many home wireless broadband connections, but it’s still important to consider this before you buy.

How do I optimise my internet for online gaming?

To optimise your internet for gaming, you can do the following:

  • Use a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi
  • Close background applications
  • Prioritise your gaming device in your router's settings
  • Ensure your router and modem are up to date
  • If using a wireless connection, ensure there’s minimal obstruction between your device and the distribution point
Can a VPN help with ping time?

In some cases, a VPN can reduce ping time by offering a more direct route to game servers or reducing congestion on your provider’s network. However, the impact varies depending on the VPN provider and server location. It's worth testing different VPNs to see if they improve your gaming experience.

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