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Internet - Compare Broadband & NBN Plans

We’ve partnered with Econnex to bring you a range of internet plans to help you compare them.

Looking to strike the perfect balance between fast and affordable internet? NBN 50 plans offer a compelling solution, potentially delivering solid download and upload speeds without breaking the bank. With so many providers on the market in Australia, though, it’s never been more important to compare your options.

Here at Savvy, we've got you covered. Our online comparison service streamlines the process, enabling you to effortlessly explore and compare NBN 50 plans from top-notch Australian providers. Whether you're streaming, gaming, or working from home, compare the best NBN 50 plans available where you live through Savvy with a free, no-obligation quote today!

What is NBN 50?

NBN 50 is the most popular plan on the National Broadband Network (NBN). It's known for delivering reliable and fast internet speeds at an affordable price point. The “50” in NBN 50 represents the maximum download speed in megabits per second (Mbps), meaning it can reach up to 50Mbps.

It effectively serves as a midpoint in the NBN’s suite of speed tiers, being faster than NBN 12 and 25 but slower than NBN 100, 250 and 1000. This is largely what makes NBN 50 so popular: it’s versatile and appeals to a wide range of people, families and businesses.

NBN 50 allows you to engage in a variety of online activities seamlessly. It's commonly used for web browsing, video streaming, online gaming and remote work. Multiple users in a household can simultaneously connect their devices without experiencing significant slowdowns, making it a practical choice for many families and shared households.

Who is NBN 50 suitable for?

NBN 50 plans are suitable for a broad spectrum of users and households. Here's a breakdown of who can benefit from this type of internet plan:

  • Families: NBN 50 can comfortably accommodate many households with multiple family members who use the internet simultaneously for various activities like streaming, online gaming, homework and video calls.
  • Streaming enthusiasts: if you're an avid streamer who enjoys high-definition content, NBN 50 can provide smooth streaming experiences.
  • Online gamers: gamers can appreciate the low latency and consistent speeds of NBN 50, helping deliver strong gaming experiences and swift downloads of any updates.
  • Remote workers: with the rise of remote work, NBN 50 may offer the necessary bandwidth for professionals who rely on video conferencing, file sharing and accessing company networks from home.
  • Casual users: even if you're a casual internet user who engages in web browsing, social media, and occasional streaming NBN 50 can provide a reliable and responsive connection.

How do I compare NBN 50 plans?

To compare NBN 100 plans effectively, consider the following factors:

  • Providers: begin by researching which reputable internet service providers (ISPs) offer NBN 50 plans in your area, which you can do through Savvy. Ensure they have adequate coverage and availability.
  • Price: compare the monthly fees of NBN 50 plans across different ISPs. Consider any additional costs, such as setup fees or modem charges. Also, look for promotions or discounts which could make your plan more affordable.
  • Evening speeds: verify that the plan is capable of providing speeds of up to 50Mbps in peak times, such as in the evening. Ensure the plan meets your speed requirements for your online activities when you need them.
  • Data allowance: examine the data allowance included with each plan. Evaluate your monthly data usage and choose a plan that aligns with your needs. Most plans will offer unlimited data, but it’s still important to keep an eye on it to be sure.
  • Contract terms: determine whether the plan you're interested in comes with contract terms. Some plans are month-to-month with no contract, while others may have fixed-term contracts ranging from 12 to 24 months. Consider your preferences for flexibility and potential exit fees.
  • Additional features: consider any extra features or services included with the plan. Some providers offer free modems, while others offer entertainment options such as free streaming subscriptions. Consider whether these are worthwhile for you.
  • Bundle options: enquire about bundle options, which allow you to combine NBN 50 with other services like phone plans for potential cost savings. These are especially important if you’re also on the lookout for a new or better mobile plan.

With Savvy, you can compare offers in one place online. By filling out our simple online form, you'll be able to consider all the offers available where you live from a variety of top Australian providers and filter them by price, speed, connection type and more.

The pros and cons of NBN 50 plans


Balanced speed

NBN 50 plans offer a balanced combination of download and upload speeds, making them suitable for a wide range of online needs, from streaming and gaming to video conferencing and remote work.


NBN 50 plans are more budget-friendly than higher-tier NBN plans like NBN 100 or NBN 250. They provide solid performance without the higher costs, making them accessible to a broader audience.

Greater choice

As NBN 50 is the most popular NBN speed tier in Australia, you’re likely to find no shortage of providers offering plans of this type, enabling you to compare more options before you buy.


Not as strong as other plans

If you have high-speed demands or run a business with intensive data requirements, NBN 50 may not be sufficient. In such cases, faster plans like NBN 100, 250 or 1000 might be more appropriate.

Not all plans may reach 50Mbps

The actual speeds you experience on an NBN 50 plan can vary based on factors such as network congestion, distance from the exchange and the quality of your home's internal wiring.

Common NBN 50 plan questions answered

How do I find the cheapest NBN 50 plan?

To find the most affordable NBN 50 plan, comparing offers from various providers is crucial. Comparing them side by side enables you to determine which offers the best available NBN 50 plan for your needs at the cheapest price. Also, look for promotions, discounts and contract terms aligning with your budget and consider any setup fees or modem costs.

Should I choose an NBN 100 plan instead of NBN 50?

The choice between NBN 50 and NBN 100 depends on your internet needs. NBN 100 offers faster speeds, making it suitable for households with multiple users and bandwidth-intensive activities. However, if you have more modest usage requirements, NBN 50 might suffice and can be a more cost-effective option.

How do I switch to an NBN 50 plan from my current plan?

To switch to an NBN 50 plan, follow these steps:

  • Research and choose a new NBN 50 plan from your selected provider
  • Contact the provider to initiate the switch
  • Coordinate the installation and activation date with your ISP
  • Once installed, ensure your existing plan is cancelled or disconnected
Can I use my existing modem with an NBN 50 plan?

It depends on your modem's compatibility with NBN technology. The NBN uses different technologies like FTTP, FTTN or HFC. If your current modem is compatible with your NBN connection type, you may be able to use it. However, some ISPs provide free modems or require certain modem specifications for NBN plans. Check with your provider for compatibility details.

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