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Anyone who has experienced severe back or neck pain knows how great the feeling can be when a chiropractor is able to relieve it, which is why having private health insurance which covers chiropractic visits can be so important. 

You can compare a range of extras health insurance policies which include cover for chiropractic visits through Savvy. You'll be able to consider a range of health insurance quotes side-by-side through our simple comparison service from a panel of leading insurers. Start the process with us today. 

What type of health insurance covers chiropractic visits?

Chiropractic therapy is a form of healthcare which treats musculoskeletal issues and helps to relieve pain in the back and neck. It may involve: 

  • Spinal manipulation, sometimes called spinal adjustment 
  • Massage 
  • Application of heat or ice 
  • Joint mobilisation and stretching 

Chiropractic visits are usually covered by extras health insurance policies. Most extras policies will allocate annual benefit limits for several different types of treatments and services which are provided in the community, but which aren’t covered by Medicare. This means you’ll get a certain amount to spend on different types of treatments in one financial year in areas such as:  

  • Chiropractic 
  • Optical 
  • Dental 
  • Physiotherapy 
  • Podiatry 
  • Wellbeing services 

The amount of cover you’ll receive for each type of treatment offered by an extras policy will depend on the policy you buy and the provider you buy from. Extras cover ranges from the cheapest policies offering basic cover to more expensive policies which, in turn, offer more comprehensive benefits. 

How do I compare health insurance policies which cover chiropractic treatment?

Some of the questions to ask yourself when comparing different extras health care policies with chiropractic cover are: 

  • Do the services which are covered align with your personal health needs and pre-existing conditions? Does the policy include the main healthcare services you use frequently? For example, if you visit a chiropractor every month, is chiropractic treatment sufficiently covered by the policy?  
  • What healthcare services are covered by the policy beyond chiropractic?  
  • What percentage of your treatment’s cost can you claim? Are you prepared to pay a little more per month to get a higher percentage of the cost refunded by your policy? 
  • What are the benefit limits for each category of treatment? Are there lifetime limits which apply as well as yearly benefit limits? 
  • Are there free treatments offered by affiliated healthcare providers through a particular fund? For instance, is your chiropractor affiliated with a particular health insurer? 
  • What waiting periods may apply before you can make a claim on the policy? Will the health fund recognise any previous waiting periods you’ve already served so there are no waiting periods if you switch? 
  • Are there any special offers or free deals on health insurance (such as waived waiting periods or free weeks of cover) on offer? 
  • If there are special offers, such as reduced-price gym memberships or pay TV subscriptions, will you actually use such additional benefits? 

By asking yourself these questions, you should be able to gain a clearer understanding of which extras policies may be more suited to your personal requirements. Savvy makes comparing health insurance policies easier by providing access to a range of quotes from our trusted panel of insurers. You can start the comparison process through us today.

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Frequently asked questions about health cover for chiropractic treatment

Is any of the cost of chiropractic treatment covered by Medicare?

No – you'll need an extras health insurance policy to claim back any of the cost of a visit to a chiropractor unless you have a Chronic Diseases Management Plan, which is a Medicare-funded plan assisting people to manage chronic health conditions. 

Does my chiropractor have to be authorised by my health fund before they’ll pay benefits?

Some health funds do have direct arrangements with private healthcare providers, who agree to offer their services at a reduced cost to a particular health fund. However, your health fund doesn’t usually have to authorise your visit to a chiropractor. 

What happens when I reach my extras benefit limit?

If you reach your benefit limit, your health fund will no longer pay any claims for that type of treatment until the policy resets to the next year, at which point your policy benefits can be reinstated. Some funds reset on calendar years, while others reset on April 1 or July 1.  

Can I get extras health insurance where I choose how to spend my benefits?

There are extras policies available where you can choose how you spend your policy benefit amount. With such policies, there’s often a choice between different areas of cover such as dental, optical, physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments. Therefore, if you require more cover for chiropractic treatment than optical, you may be able to adjust your claim limits to better suit your needs. However, these aren't offered by all insurers, so compare your options if you're looking for a customisable policy.

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