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Compare Suzuki finance options

Suzuki remains one of the most popular car manufacturers in Australia, particularly thanks to their range of small cars and SUVs like the Swift, Ignis and Vitara. When you’re in the market for your next car, big or small, Savvy is the perfect place to start.

We’re partnered with over 25 of Australia’s top vehicle financiers, giving you access to some of the best offers on the market all across the country. There’s no catch, either: our fully online service helps us connect you with your ideal lender and product in a matter of minutes, no matter where you are. Complete your quick quote today to get started.

Car Loans for Suzuki

See how Savvy can help you with your Suzuki finance

Competitive interest rates

Your fixed interest remains the same throughout your loan, ensuring you can keep your rate at a manageable level all throughout your financing.

Borrow any amount up to your car’s value

Whether you’re after a cheaper model like the Baleno or something a bit more expensive like the S-Cross, you can get approved up to its sale value.

Repay over one to seven years

You have a say in the cost of your repayments by being given the choice of a loan term between one and seven years in length.

Buy new or used

Our flexible lending partners can finance your Suzuki, regardless of whether it’s taking its first drive out of the dealership or is up to 20 years old.

Access commercial finance products

There’s a wide range of services that our lenders offer in the commercial space, such as car leases, hire purchases and chattel mortgages.

Available to self-employed workers

Even if you don’t receive your income through payslips like most do, we can find a suitable car finance deal for your situation.

Fast online approval process

The entire application process takes place online and can be settled and the cars’ ownership transferred to you in just 48 hours.

Affordable fees

Although ongoing service fees can go up to $20, application fees up to $600 and early repayment fees up to $900, some lenders will be able to waive these.

Why choose Savvy for your Suzuki finance?

Find Suzuki finance options, then choose from a great range

Suzuki compact cars – for the city and beyond 

Its certainly no secret that Suzuki makes some truly remarkable compact cars. However, youre not confined to the city and sealed roads in a Suzuki – because small doesnt necessarily mean conventional. Suzuki offers more than merely small vehicles. If you need some clearance for rougher rides and luggage space, too – youre covered. 

Suzuki Swift 

The perfect city car, the Swift has survived for several generations now and has always offered something slightly different to the rest of the small car designs out there. Swifts have gone full-21st Century with this newest incarnation, though. Not only does this vehicle look ultra-modern on the outside – but the interior also has a huge 7-inch touchscreen. The latest Swift comes fully equipped with Satnav, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto – and more. Making a connection with your new car just doesnt get any quicker or easier than this. 

Suzuki Swift Sport 

Want to take it up a notch and add more speed to your compact driving experience? The Suzuki Swift Sport has the edge youre looking for – and its turbocharged too. Even so, that remarkable little 1.4-litre engine will still get you 100km on just 6.1-litres of fuel, which means you can have the best of both worlds in the Swift Sport.  

Packed with all the same connectivity as the standard Swift, the styling screams hot hatch here. Fun doesnt have to mean reckless, however – and the Swift proves that. The car gets a coveted 5-star ANCAP rating for a whole bunch of safety features. If you want to go fast but not big – the Swift Sport could be just what youve been searching for. 

Suzuki Ignis Ultra-Compact SUV 

When you want to keep things ultra-compact, but you also like to get out of town at the weekend, there isnt a great deal of choice out there. That shouldnt be a problem, though. Once youve looked at the Ignis, youll probably never look back. This tiny SUV doesnt compromise when it comes to style – theres a nod to Suzukis from the past here but also a massive tip of the hat to the future, and it looks great.  

Inside, you get all the gadgets and connectivity you would find in a larger SUV. The Ignis also comes with six airbags as standard. Theres good clearance underneath the car for when you want to explore – and luggage space is surprisingly ample given the size of this vehicle. You can get 500-litres with the back seat down.  

Yet, maybe the most impressive statistic here should be a tiny one. The 1.2 dualjet engine under the bonnet in the manual version is capable of transporting you 100 km on just 4.7-litres of fuel. 

Frequently asked car finance questions

What factors should I consider when choosing my Suzuki model?

Perhaps the most important thing to account for when buying your car is its on-road running costs, namely its fuel efficiency. Petrol isn’t cheap, so most drivers prefer a car that doesn’t simply guzzle gas. For example, the Swift is one of Suzuki’s most fuel-efficient vehicles at 4.6-4.8L per 100km, while the 2021 Jimny sits at around 8.2L over the same distance.

What documents will I need to apply for financing?

When completing your car loan application, you’ll require the following documents to submit digitally:

  • A driver’s licence and/or passport
  • Your last two payslips (and potentially 90 days’ worth of bank statements)
  • Your completed Savvy application form
  • A signed consent form and credit guide collected from your consultant
Am I locked into completing my loan repayments to term?

No – we’re partnered with a variety of lenders who allow borrowers to make free additional repayments and pay off their loan in full at no added cost.

You’re also not locked into your loan itself: you can refinance your current car loan down the line to a new loan with a different lender. This may be to take advantage of a better offer or to capitalise on positive changes in your credit, employment and/or income in the time since you started paying off your loan.

What is the minimum income required to qualify for a car loan?

To qualify for a car loan, you must be earning at least $26,000 p.a. This can come from multiple income sources, however, as you can combine part-time or casual work with an acceptable Centrelink benefit to reach that figure. If you’re unsure about which benefits are accepted, you can speak to your Savvy consultant.

Does my Suzuki have to be located in my state?

No – we have partnered dealerships in each state and territory, we can arrange financing with our national network of lenders for cars across the country. Even if you’re living in north Queensland and you find a car in Perth, we can help you access financing.