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Online Car Finance Quote

Gathering and comparing online quotes can help you save money on your car loan, but it can be more time-consuming to do the research yourself. That’s why Savvy is here to do the heavy lifting for you and make your car-buying simpler.

Everything is online and all in one place: our quick form is simple to fill out and will only take a few minutes to complete, which allows our smart technology to instantly match you with products and lenders that can cater to your personal situation.

Taking the time to get an online quote with us before diving headfirst into the financing process will save you invaluable time and money that otherwise could’ve been wasted by going it alone.

Calculate your car loan repayments

Your estimated repayments


Total interest paid: $1233.43
Total amount to pay: $5,143.99

Our car loan features and eligibility

Competitive fixed interest

You can compare a range of competitive rates from our vast panel of trusted lenders, with interest fixed for the duration of your loan term. 

Borrow up to 100% of your car’s value

You can also access financing for a wide range of car products, with lenders able to approve sums for upwards of $5,000 .

1-7 years loan term

Whether you’re looking for a short loan or smaller repayments over a longer period, you can choose terms between one and seven years.

Choose your repayment schedule

You can select the structure of your repayments to fit around your income requirements, either monthly, fortnightly or weekly.

Free additional repayments

Contributing extra funds on top of your minimum repayments could help you save hundreds, if not thousands, and slash months off your loan term.

Waivable fees

Application fees (up to $600) and service fees (up to $20) may be charged, but some lenders won’t do so.

Other costs to look out for

Early repayment fees (up to $600 to $900) may also apply, but can also be waived, while you’ll incur fees of $25 to $50 for a late or missed repayment.


You can apply if you’re 18, hold citizenship, permanent residency or an accepted visa and earn $26,000 p.a. or more. (acceptable forms of income include PAYG, self-employed and Centrelink funds).

Why so many Australians choose Savvy for their car loan

How Savvy takes you from quote to settlement

Answers to common car loan questions

How fast is the process from online quote to settlement?

Savvy’s advanced digital technology allows us to get your application turned around from quick quote to settlement in as little as 48 hours, enabling you to receive funds fast and take ownership of your car in no time.

Can Savvy help me get pre-approved for car financing?

Yes – pre-approval is a great step to take in the car loan process. It provides you with a more concrete understanding of the amount you’re able to borrow, but it also has a few other benefits, namely that it provides you with greater bargaining power when you approach a dealership to purchase your new vehicle. It can also boost your chances of a faster, more successful sale, as the seller can see that your lender is willing (in principle) to grant you the funds.

What can I use my car finance funds for?

The use of your funds is restricted to the purchase of your car only. Unlike personal loans, where you can essentially distribute funds how you please, car loans are designed to finance the purchase of your car only. However, we can arrange for other car-related costs to be covered in your loan, such as stamp duty and extended warranties.

Is there a maximum amount I can borrow?

You can borrow up to the value of your car, plus other related costs. In reality, though, not everyone will be approved for the same amount when financing their car. Your approved loan sum will be dependent on what you can comfortably afford to repay in terms of monthly instalments. For example, if you want to buy a car with $3,000 per month repayments on a monthly salary of $5,000, you won’t be approved. Your Savvy consultant will help you calculate the repayments you can afford to make after your quote and before submitting your application.

Am I able to apply for other types of car finance with Savvy?

Yes – we can help you apply for a range of car finance products, such as chattel mortgages, car leases and hire purchase arrangements if they’re more appropriate for your personal situation. You can also get a quick quote for any of these products through Savvy.

How do I reduce the interest rate on my car loan?

There are several ways you can go about this. Firstly, having a good credit score will always help reduce your interest rate, as will verifiable previous finance on a car loan or another similar product. The newer the car is, the better your rate will be, while owning a significant asset like property will also go a long way towards reducing your interest rate.

How will my car loan quote be affected if I’m a casual worker?

Casual workers are seen as more of a risk for car loans than permanent employees. This is because they tend to lack the job security that other workers have and can often have less stable income. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a car loan, although it’ll come at a higher interest rate and greater restrictions on the loan amount. Savvy can help you access finance for your car no matter what walk of life you’re from.

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