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Asset Finance Aggregator

What is an asset finance aggregator?

At its core, an asset finance aggregator is when a company acts as a conduit between a panel of asset finance lenders and retail asset finance brokers. By pooling together asset finance lending volumes from many retail brokers under the one umbrella, it delivers a solution to retail brokers that sees them easily access a broad range of lenders which would be difficult to do as an independent retail brokerage.

Why is it difficult?

Most lenders have minimum volume requirements to access them directly. Satisfying each lender’s minimum requirements requires a large amount of consistent volume monthly, which is difficult to achieve as an independent broker.

What are the benefits of using an asset finance aggregator?

The obvious benefit is that, effectively overnight and without any minimum volume requirements, you can easily access a large panel of lenders. Lender and product choice is critical to running a successful brokerage. As a retail broker, your focus needs to be on delivering the best solutions to your customers and writing more deals; you should not be worrying about whether you have provided enough volume to a particular lender so that you can maintain access to their product next month. Other benefits can include additional support services they may provide, such as software and compliance.

What product verticals will an asset finance aggregator provide to your brokerage?

An asset finance aggregator will usually have lenders that can cater for Car Finance, Leisure Finance, Equipment Finance, Personal Loans and Business Loans. Partnering with an aggregator that can provide lender options across all these verticals is important to your business’ success.

What does it cost to join an aggregator?

This varies from company to company. It’s important to compare your options and look into what support and tools your aggregator is going to provide as well. Access to lenders is no longer just enough to succeed; partnering with the right aggregator can make all the difference.

Is Savvy an aggregator?

Yes. Savvy provides aggregation services to its franchise network. We are, however, much more than a standard aggregator, as we provide turn-key solutions through our franchise that very much place a broker in the best position to succeed and prosper.    

What are the benefits of a Savvy franchise compared to a standalone aggregator?

We like to think that our franchisees get the best of both worlds. We deliver a turnkey, cost-effective way for you to run and grow your finance broking business without some of the headaches and costs involved in running an independent brokerage or brand. We supply all the tools required for a brokerage to solely focus on winning more clients and generating more revenue.

What experience is required to qualify for a Savvy Franchise?

A Savvy franchise would suit an existing broker with approximately one year’s worth of successful car and/or asset finance experience. However, if you are determined to succeed and have a successful sales background, we do have options that can help you lead into a franchise over time.

How do I find out more about a Savvy Franchise?

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