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Compare Hyundai finance options

With a diverse range of affordable models to meet a variety of different needs, Hyundai has become the car of choice for many Australians. Whether you’re looking for the i30 hatchback, an SUV like the Venue or Kona, one of their Kona Electric models or even an iLoad Van, Savvy can help you get approved for a car loan to help out your purchase.

We partner with a wide panel of Australia’s top vehicle financiers to maximise your chances of approval with your ideal loan and lender. They’re highly versatile, with affordable rates and flexible repayment options to help you sculpt your loan to your liking. Get started with a quick quote now and one of our experienced and friendly consultants will be in touch to help your application along.

Car Loans for Hyundai

Popular Hyundai models

See how Savvy can help you with your Hyundai finance

Low interest

Locking in a low rate at the start of your loan can help you pay less for your Hyundai financing deal overall, potentially freeing up more funds for use elsewhere.

Get approved up the value of your car

You’re only limited by your borrowing power when it comes to the amount you can get approved for, with loans starting at $5,000 and up.

Repay over up to seven years

Choosing your repayment term will also help you ensure your repayments are manageable for you, with loans available from one to seven years.

Pay off your loan early, free of charge

We can connect you with lenders who won’t charge you to make payments above the minimum or settle your full loan repayment ahead of schedule.

Finance a car up to 20 years old

No matter whether you’re looking at a brand-new i30 or an Accent from closer to the turn of the century, we can help you get approved for a loan.

Business purchases accepted

If you’re looking to use an iLoad to haul your equipment around or simply add an SUV to your business’ fleet, Savvy is the best place to apply.

Borrow to cover extras

It’s not just the car you can borrow money for. With a car loan through Savvy, you can have your stamp duty, insurance and registration covered.

Broad eligibility criteria

Borrowers must be 18 years old, be earning at least $26,000 from stable employment and hold Australian citizenship, permanent residency or an acceptable visa.

Here’s why Australian drivers choose Savvy when buying their Hyundai

How to apply for car financing with Savvy

What Hyundai models can you finance?

Whether you need a city car that’s comfortable on the highway or you want a true all-rounder SUV – Hyundai’s Australian range of models offers choice, economy, and an unlimited five-year warranty.

Hyundai SUV Models

Want the versatility of an SUV and the ease of driving a more compact car too? Hyundai’s smallest SUV could be the car you seek. The Hyundai Venue gives drivers the luggage space they want and entertainment options for the kids – just like with a bigger SUV – but the Venue parks like and has the footprint of a city car. Need something bigger? Try a Santa Fe – Hyundai’s enduring, popular flagship SUV. Choose from features like a panoramic glass sunroof, eight-speed automatic transmission, and an effortless 3.5-litre V6 engine that gives 336Nm of torque.

I30 – Six of the Best

First launched in Australia way back in 2007, the Hyundai i30 has continued to impress buyers with its blend of practicality and styling. In 2019, almost 30,000 Aussies took delivery of a new i30, and Hyundai offers six base configurations of the model. You can choose an i30 ‘Go’ or ‘Active’ – which come in both petrol-powered or diesel versions, or go for performance with an ‘N Line’ which offers a choice of six or seven-speed tuned petrol engines. ‘Elite’ and ‘Premium’ models get loaded with enhanced driver assistance features and the option of a full leather interior. While the ‘N Line Premium’ gives buyers the best of both worlds.

Got a car loan question?

Will I be able to buy my Hyundai from a private sale?

Yes – Savvy is partnered with flexible lenders who can approve financing for used cars bought both from car dealerships and private sellers. Cars purchased privately may take slightly longer to process, given that they’re not regulated in the same way as dealerships, but your loan can still be settled in no time.

Can I get approved for a car loan straight after starting a new job?

You can – in certain circumstances. If you’re a full-time employee starting in a new position having come from previous permanent full-time employment on similar or better income terms, you can be approved from day one of your new job.

However, part-time employees will need to be employed in the same position for at least three months, while casual workers will need to have been working consistent, regular hours for at least six months. Self-employed workers looking for a car for private use will need to supply the two most recent years’ worth of tax returns to qualify, meaning they’ll need to have been trading for at least that period.

Can I finance Hyundai for my business?

Chattel mortgages are amongst the most popular options for businesses looking to purchase cars. These are structured similarly to a standard car loan in that you take ownership from the beginning and gradually pay it off until your lender’s interest (the mortgage) is removed.

Car leasing is more useful for businesses who have a higher turnover of cars or want to keep their models up to date, as you don’t own the car throughout your term. Hire purchase is different again, enabling you to use the car, and eventually own it at the end of the term, while not owning it across your agreement.

What if I want to buy a Hyundai over the age of 20?

We can help you get approved for Hyundai models older than 20 at the time of purchase with an unsecured car loan. This is essentially a personal loan, the advantage of which is that there’s no need for an asset (e.g., your car) to be deemed suitable for your loan, thus speeding up the process and expanding your potential options. While rates are higher, they still start from an affordable level and enable you to borrow over the same length of time for up to $50,000.

Can I select my own repayment schedule?

Yes – as part of your car loan, you’ll be able to select whether you want to make your repayments monthly, fortnightly or weekly. This allows you to structure them around your existing income requirements to ensure that they’re manageable for you.

How does my credit rating affect my car loan?

The higher your credit rating, the more likely you are to be approved for financing at more favourable terms. This is because your score is an indication to your lender of your history borrowing money and servicing debt, which can lower or increase their overall feeling of risk in entrusting loan funds to you.

The lowest rates and fees, as well as the highest borrowing amounts, are generally reserved for customers with good credit ratings. While getting approved for a car loan with bad credit is far from impossible, it comes with further restrictions such as capping borrowing at around $10,000.