Need a second chance car loan? We can help

Don’t let bad credit hold you back. Savvy helps you drive away your own car sooner

Bad credit is OK

Do you have a bad credit rating? Have you been rejected for car loans? You deserve a second chance! At Savvy, our experienced bad credit car loan consultants can help you achieve your dream of owning a new or second hand car, even if you have bad credit.

Don’t despair! Our bad credit car loan consultants are experts at getting those tricky deals approved. We can also advise you on steps to take to improve your credit rating and have you on your way to owning your car in no time.

Trusted brand

So if you think you deserve a second chance, Savvy can help. Although a Bad Credit Car Loan solution is secured by the vehicle, the interest rates are usually higher due to the added risk, however we will help you get the best car loan deal with repayments which you can afford.

That's our promise! If you have been rejected by traditional lenders, contact one of our experienced consultants and we will find a car loan to suit your needs from one of our reputable lenders.

More bad credit customers trust Savvy

We use our extensive experience in bad credit car loans to help you gain approval. You get a personalised consultant from start to finish.

Get approved with bad credit
We have the systems, technology and consultants that can get your application approved fast.
A wider range of lenders
Savvy will shop your deal around from multiple reputable lenders to get you the best deal.
Bad credit consultants
At Savvy we have expert consultants specialised in second chance finance to find no fuss finance.
No deposit? No worries
At Savvy we can provide 100% finance and insurance to make sure you have adequate protection.
Obligation free application
All applications are obligation free so you don't have to worry if you aren't ready yet.
Your car, your way
Private, certified used or dealers, new, or used; you have the freedom to buy your way.

How can you get approved with bad credit?

Follow these steps to increase your chances of bad credit car loan approval

Review your statement and credit history

The first step is reviewing your bank or financial statements and your credit history. Your credit history is how a lender finds your suitability for a car loan.

If it has errors, it may end up costing you even more in the future.

Use your existing records

Using your statements and credit history, you can state your case that you will pay your lender back. Lenders hate risks, and try to offset that risk by rejecting risky applicants.

By reducing your risk profile, you are better positioned for approval.

Don't cook your own books.

Just like life, honesty is the best policy. Don’t try to fudge the numbers or hide your true financial position.

We’re here to help, and your consultant can’t help you with incorrect information. Lying will come back to haunt you.

Pay outstanding debts

Paying down other debts such as credit card debt or personal loans will go a long way to prove you are taking steps to become financially responsible.

Debt consolidation may also be a good option as it can simplify your repayments.

Seek help

If financial statements and credit histories sound a bit like jargon, you aren’t alone.

Our professional consultants are here to help you through the process and explain any terms or concepts that you may not understand.