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Drive away with the best car lease for private or business use in Brisbane when you apply through Savvy.

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Drive away with the best car lease option

When it comes to searching for the right car lease for you or your Queensland-based business, Savvy is the best place to start. We’re partnered with over 25 of Australia’s top vehicle financiers to offer you great deals when you want to run your car without having to pay for it outright.

Our service is 100% online and supported all the way through by our experienced financial consultants, so we can service the regions. If you live in a bigger city like Brisbane, Cairns or the Gold Coast or a smaller area like Port Douglas, Innisfail or Longreach, we can help you get your car lease approved. Enjoy flexible lease options and competitive interest rates when you apply with Savvy.

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The benefits of taking out a car lease

Affordable interest rates

You’ll be able to access competitive interest rates on your car lease deal through our trusted finance partners to help you cut down on the cost of your agreement.

Multiple available leasing types

We can connect you with financiers who can arrange operating, finance or novated leasing for your car depending on your personal situation.

Tax breaks

You’ll be able to claim up to 100% of your lease’s repayments on tax, as well as GST, while depreciation can also be claimed.

Contract terms from two to five years

With terms available from as little as two years up to more long-term car lease lengths of five years, we can accommodate your needs.

Optional residual payment

Depending on the type of lease you choose, you may be able to incorporate a residual payment at its conclusion to cut down on monthly payments.

Payment certainty

Because all rates and fees are fixed, the monthly cost of your car lease will remain the same across your agreement to make it easier to budget around.

Why Savvy is the best place to find your Brisbane car lease

Car Lease example

Let’s say your business turns over $140,000 annually, and you’re looking to finance a new BMW. You visit your local dealership and find an M40i X3 for $110,000. You only drive about 8,000km a year, so you find a finance lease deal, payable over five years with a 6% interest rate. According to ATO guidelines, the residual gets set at 28.13%, so what tax savings will you make across the five-year term?

The first thing of note here is that even though you source and negotiate the price of the car yourself, the lender buys it and reclaims the GST, so you save a straight $10,000 as soon as you sign the lease agreement.

Add to that the annual tax savings of $8,737 each of the five years the deal runs, and you’re up by a total of $53,685.

Lease Type Finance Lease
Five Years
BMW X3 M40i – $110,000
GST Savings
Interest charges over term
Total cost of finance lease
Annual taxable revenue before lease
Annual tax saving
Total GST and tax savings over term

Car leases explained further

Frequently asked car lease questions

Can I make any upgrades to my car while under lease?

No – because you won’t own the car, there are restrictions on what you can and can’t do with it regarding optional alterations. This also extends to how you can use it, as (aside from novated leasing) you’ll be required to use it for work at least 50% of the time. If you’re unsure, speak to your Savvy consultant or your financier to find out what you can do.

Does my lender have to be Brisbane based if I want a lease in Queensland?

No – at Savvy, our lending partners span the country and are all accessible online. Because of this, you can apply to lenders all around Australia and get approved for financing.

How long does it take to get approved for a car lease?

Thanks to our advanced digital technology and experienced finance consultants, your application can be turned around from quick quote to settlement and the car at your disposal in as little as 48 hours. The speed is affected by several different factors, such as the location of your car and the nature of your profile as a borrower.

Can I adjust my residual amount?

Probably not – most financiers’ residuals in relation to car leases are set at a fixed amount based upon the length of your lease, as dictated by the ATO. These are the set minimum residual values your financier can charge, bearing in mind that there is room for them to charge 5% to 10% above them.

  • One-year lease: 65.63%
  • Two-year lease: 56.25%
  • Three-year lease: 46.88%
  • Four-year lease: 37.5%
  • Five-year lease: 28.13%
Can I apply for a car lease with bad credit?

Yes – our flexible lenders can work with your situation, so we can help connect you to a financier who offers loans to customers with poor credit histories. While you’ll have to pay more in interest and fees, these are a viable option for you to take up if you’re in that position.

Am I able to lease multiple cars at once?

Yes – because the success of applications is based on your borrowing power and existing borrowing, you can be approved for multiple car leases at any given time. Many businesses lease fleets of cars where they can afford it, so whether you’ll be approved is contingent on how much you can comfortably take on financially.

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