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Many businesses that have glass shopfronts, advertising signs or mirrors require insurance to protect their precious assets. Because of this, glass insurance can often be purchased as a separate form of insurance or as an add-on to an existing package.

You can get a range of free, no-obligation quotes for glass insurance from some of Savvy’s leading insurers right here. Compare the options available to you through our fast and simple quote service today.

What is glass insurance for businesses and what does it cover? ​

Glass insurance offers insurance protection for external plate glass and various common glass items which may be located within a business premises (subject to your insurer’s qualification criteria). These include:

  1. Illuminated glass advertising signs
  2. Front counters and reception desks
  3. Showcases
  4. Display cabinets
  5. Shelving
  6. Fixed mirrors and plate glass windows
  7. Skylights
  8. Ceramic toilet pans and hand basins
  9. Shower screens
  10. Glass and ceramic tiles

The insurance can cover glass which is smashed as a result of an insured event, including:

  1. Accidents and accidental damage
  2. Attempted thefts
  3. Break-ins
  4. Armed hold-ups
  5. Fires and storms
  6. Impacts and collisions

This type of business insurance may help pay for the repair or replacement of the insured glass, including:

  1. Replacement of the glass with a similar quality and thickness of glass which complies with Australian standards for that location
  2. Labour costs for the glass replacement or repair
  3. Replacement of window tinting
  4. Replacement of wrapping and advertising signage attached to windows which are damaged during an insured incident
  5. Spoilage of stock (including consumables) as a result of glass contamination
  6. Cost of materials and labour for temporary emergency shuttering
  7. If required, after-hours service charges for urgent glass replacement
  8. Express delivery if the replacement glass has to be sought from another location in a hurry
  9. Re-setting of security or burglar alarms which are triggered by glass breakage
  10. Replacement or repair of security sensors, wiring and connections attached to the glass which was damaged

What is typically not covered by glass insurance?

There are several exclusions that your glass insurance provider may apply to their policy (which will also depend on your insurer’s qualification criteria). These include:

  1. Glass kept as stock for supply to others
  2. Glass which is chipped or in poor condition on the day the policy is taken out
  3. Glass which forms part of a greenhouse, conservatory or living space (which can be covered by building and contents insurance)
  4. Computer monitors, TVs, radios, DVD players
  5. Vases and glass containers for water
  6. Artwork
  7. Deliberate damage

How much does glass insurance cost?

There is no standard cost for an insurance policy. How much your glass insurance will cost will depend on several factors, including:

  • Which industry your business is in
  • Where your business is located
  • The size of your business
  • The number of employees you have
  • Your insurance history

Naturally, the type of business you run and its location will have a strong influence on the cost of your insurance. When determining whether you need business insurance, consider the risks your business faces and the cost to you if you’re targeted by vandals. For example, if your business is in a busy precinct known to be a high-risk area for vandalism, how many times would you have to pay for your glass shopfront to be replaced before your glass insurance will pay for itself?

Of course, if you operate in a high-risk area, your premiums are likely to be higher than if you are located within a shopping centre which is locked at night and has active security guards. For the same reasons, if you run a martial arts studio that contains many wall-sized mirrors, your insurance may be higher than for a business thatYew is known to be low risk as far as glass breakage is concerned.

The state you live in and your postcode will also influence the cost of your glass insurance. For example, a business located in Adelaide will typically be offered cheaper glass insurance than an identical one located in the centre of Sydney, as risk loadings are higher for an urban location in NSW than they are for SA.

For this reason, comparing business insurance policies makes sense. Savvy’s simple comparison service is free of charge and allows you to receive a range of high-quality quotes to consider instantly, with no requirement to meet an insurance broker in person.

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More of your frequently asked questions about glass insurance

Will my glass insurance cover me if the windscreen on my work vehicle is broken?

No – vehicle windscreens fall under your business car insurance policy, so you would have to claim under your vehicle insurance not your glass insurance if you did suffer a smashed windscreen.

Do I have to make a police report to receive cover if glass is broken by vandals?

Yes – if you wish to claim glass breakage on your insurance policy and it was the result of a break-in or vandalism, you should make a report of the incident to the police so you’re able to quote your police report number on the insurance claim form.

How much excess will I have to pay to get my shopfront glass replaced?

This will depend on the excess amount you chose when you took out your insurance policy. Naturally, the higher the excess amount the lower your insurance premium may be, so you have control over the size of the excess you’ll have to pay.

Can I claim more than once per year on my glass insurance policy?

This will depend on the individual policy you decide to buy. Glass insurance varies from company to company as to how many claims are permitted per year, so read the product disclosure statement carefully and compare insurance policies with Savvy before deciding which one is the best fit for your business needs.

Do glass insurance policies include broken window and door frames?

Some policies may include the replacement of broken window and door frames, but others will only cover you for the glass breakage itself, so you would have to cover the cost of replacing the window frame if it was damaged. For this reason, it’s important to compare business insurance policies carefully so you can be more aware of what’s included and the circumstances in which you can be covered.

Does my glass insurance include removing the old smashed glass pane?

Most glaziers will take the old broken glass away with them, but this will depend on the exact wording of the insurance policy that you buy, which is why it pays to read your insurance policy carefully so you are aware exactly what it does and doesn’t cover.

Is glass insurance compulsory for shopkeepers?

Glass insurance is not compulsory under any Australian legislation. However, many landlords and shopping centre owners do require their tenants to take out glass insurance as a condition of their shop lease.

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