Cash Loans Adelaide

Savvy makes cash loan qualification a breeze, and you can apply easily online in minutes.

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Cash loans Adelaide

Cash loans in Adelaide the easy way

South Australia is a great part of the world to live, and it’s a shame not to take advantage of all it offers once in a while. Whether you want to pay for a beach weekend before payday arrives, or need to travel to the city for a night out – cash loans make sense. If you want to spend the weekend sampling wine in the Barossa, or there’s a test match at the Adelaide Oval, you can apply quickly online. The fact is, when looking for cash loans, Adelaide residents get Savvy.


Savvy makes cash loan applications faster

Savvy works so well for so many Australians because we look to match you up with your ideal loan provider. We consider everything from your age to your job, your location to the loan amount. That way, we maximise your chances of getting the best deal – and qualifying for a cash loan too. Because we deal with some of the best lenders in the country, you’ll get funded and on your way faster with Savvy. You don’t need to miss out on opportunities to have fun because of money!


Why choose Savvy?

Adelaide Cash Loans Questions? No worries, here’s the FAQs!

How quickly can I apply for a cash loan in Adelaide?
The great news is that nothing is stopping you from applying right now! Everything gets done via your phone, tablet, or laptop from anywhere with an internet connection. Applications take a few minutes, and you can pause and return any time if you need a document. Once your loan is approved, you can sign and return an agreement digitally, then receive funds directly into your bank account. Some lenders transfer money the same day you apply, and all providers are fast.
Can I use a cash loan for work or business purposes?
You can! Many Australian borrowers use cash loans to cover the cost of training or equipment they need urgently, and then pay it off over one or a few paydays. Self-employed cash loan borrowers might use the option when they don’t want to take on longer-term business finance, then pay off the loan in much the same way.
How do I know if I am eligible to apply for cash loans at Savvy?
Anyone with a valid identity proof and a steady pay is eligible to apply for cash loans at Savvy. The payment can either be through work or Centrelink.
What documents does Savvy require for cash loan applications?
Submit our cash loan application form online along with documents to verify your identity, bank statements for the last 90 days, and two payslips.
What does it take for my cash loan application to be approved by Savvy?
You must earn a steady amount of money through regular employment or Centrelink payments.
What is the maximum amount of money I can borrow through a cash loan in Adelaide?
Am I eligible to apply even if I have bad credit?

Yes, you can be eligible for a cash loan even if you have bad credit. Please remember that bad credit history does necessitate higher interest rates.

Am I eligible to get cash loans if I am on Centrelink benefits?
Yes, you can still fill out our online application for a cash loan if you are on Centrelink benefits. Our document verification step requires you to provide two Centrelink payslips as proof of consistent payment.
How long does it take for cash loans to be approved?
At Savvy, we review and approve most of our cash loan applications on the day we receive the request. Usually the money is also transferred into the applicant’s account the same day.
What if I fail to repay the loan on time?
At Savvy, we operate with compassion and an understanding of the difficult financial situations that our borrowers face daily. Therefore, there is a provision to apply for a hardship repayment plan with your lender.

Your helpful guides on how to qualify for a cash loan

Responsible Cash Loan Lenders

Australia was one of the earliest nations to recognise rapid growth in the cash loan industry, as more and more Aussies began to work on temporary and casual contracts. That prompted a 2013 move to a stricter regulatory system for small loans. Responsible lenders now look more at your current financial status and ability to repay a loan without hardship. They’ll check your credit report, but it’s not their primary concern, and Savvy has access to bad credit cash loan lenders if you’ve experienced credit problems in the past.


What the cash loan lenders check

Lenders look at your income and spending to make sure your loan is affordable. They’ll ask for 90 days worth of bank statements, proof of ID, and proof of address. You can apply for a Centrelink cash loan in Adelaide even if up to half your regular income is from benefits. Providers will examine your credit report to check recent and current lending. You’re unlikely to get approved for an Adelaide cash loan if you have two or more ongoing short-term loans. All documentation can be uploaded via the lender’s website when you apply.


How to budget and repay a cash loan

It’s important to keep borrowing affordable. To set a budget, check what the lenders check. Add up your monthly or weekly income and deduct all your regular spending to find your disposable income. Make sure repayments will be easy to manage and allow for unexpected expenses too. Most cash loan providers will let you set repayments to match how you get paid, so you can choose monthly, weekly, or even fortnightly options. You’ll also be able to select the date or day of the week payments leave your account. Setting up a direct debit is a great way to make sure you don’t miss a repayment.


Adelaide Cash loan fees

Borrowers using cash loans in Adelaide get the benefit of capped fees. That makes small loans pretty transparent and easy to budget for. Lenders can’t charge more than 4% of the overall loan amount each month. Establishment fees also get capped at 20% of the loan amount. Different lenders charge varying fees for late and missed repayments. If you do pay late, those fees get capped too. Providers will never charge more in fees than the original loan amount over the course of an agreement. It’s a far better idea to budget wisely, and with some wiggle room, so you don’t miss a payment. Cash loans are a straightforward way to access funds when you stick to the schedule.