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Looking for rent to own cars and Adelaide-based?

Most car finance requires an excellent credit score and a clean borrowing history, but is there an option if your credit report isn’t blemish free? Well, rent to own vehicle finance provides a flexible option when you’ve had problems in the past. It could be that you’ve recently recovered from unemployment and need a car for a new job, but the banks are saying no based on your credit history. Rent to own is kind of like renting a car without wasting money. Your payments go toward owning the vehicle if you find yourself in a position to buy. If you don’t, you can simply hand the car back when your contract is up for review.

Rent to own options in Adelaide via Savvy

Traditional lenders will turn you down for car finance if you’re new to Australia and without a credit history or even if you’re receiving income from Centrelink and looking to start a new job. If you’ve experienced issues with paying off loans, credit cards, or getting approved for car finance – and even if you just arrived in the country, rent to own might be the perfect solution. Here at Savvy, we partner with dozens of specialist lenders so we can connect providers with customers that suit their specific qualification requirements.

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Guide to how rent to own cars in Adelaide work

Common rent to own cars questions

Will the rent to own lender perform a credit check?

Rent to own cars are one of the few finance products out there where lenders don’t carry out a credit check, so they’re popular with customers who’ve had borrowing issues in the past. Most bad credit car finance still requires a credit check, but not rent to own vehicles.

Who uses rent to own cars in Adelaide?

Bad credit doesn’t necessarily mean missed or late loan payments. People who need to build a credit rating also use rent to own agreements. Students, new drivers, and even some of the thousands of migrants who arrive in Australia each year use rent to own cars as a way of getting mobile and a foot on the credit ladder. You’ll need to be over eighteen and a resident or citizen. Some working visas qualify, but the agreement will need to end well in advance of your visa expiry date. Talk with one of our expert consultants if you’re unsure about qualification.

How long does a rent to own car agreement last?

Most rent to own car finance is structured over two years, but you get the option to extend the finance at the end of the term, so rent to own cars are versatile.

What kind of vehicle can I access with a rent to own car in Adelaide?

Rent to own car agreements tend to cover a thick slice of the vehicle market. That means you can access all sorts of options like cars, vans, utes, and even trucks. Buyers can find finance for new, used, and even higher-mileage vehicles with rent to own in Adelaide.

Can I upgrade a rent to own car?

When your rent to own contract finishes, you can start another on a different model vehicle if you wish. When you do that, however, the payments you made toward the original car don’t get transferred.

Can I get a rent to own car on Centrelink?

Finding car finance on Centrelink can be tricky. However, as long as you can afford to maintain the agreement, you’ll very likely qualify with a rent to own lender. Checks are more about your income and any other current borrowing and expenses than how where your money comes from or whether you’ve got an excellent credit history behind you.