How to plan your way to your honeymoon without going bust

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 10:52 am by Bill Tsouvalas

Once the festivities of celebrating your big day with your loved ones has ended it’s reasonable to want to run away with your partner to a dream-like destination for the perfect honeymoon. But this can be another expense that can drain your wedding finances if it has not been planned for properly. You can ease the financial strain with these handy tips that will help you hang ten while on your honeymoon.

Plan to your interests

Zoning on what interests the both of you is one way to cut out the stress of planning your honeymoon. This means that you will have to plan in advance to also get deals that will compliment your favourite activities. You can start by writing what would be your ideal thing to do during your honeymoon; be it food, exploring nature, or spoiling yourself at a spa. This will help you find places that provide for your interest and it will also help you organise your finances accordingly.

Open a honeymoon fund

Once you know which destination you would like to jet off to, it will help you know how much to budget for. According to Travelshoot, Aussies spend an average of $8,000 on their honeymoons. Furthermore, Aussies spend 2.5 weeks away with 46% of newlyweds opting for a beach vacation.

Opening a savings account can give you the needed breather when it comes to cushioning your expenses. However, with all the financial expenses that are required for your wedding day, you might want to consider a honeymoon personal loan that offer up to $50,000 to ensure that you are adequately covered at a flexible and affordable rate.

Maximise on deals and off-seasons sales

Being able to save a couple of dollars while planning your honeymoon can be one of the best gifts that you can give yourself. Going off-season can help you find great deals at an affordable rate. You can maximise your credit features such as frequent flyer programs, travel insurance, and reward programs that can help you cut down on costs. However, you will need to check your credit card to see which is applicable to you.

Take the right card with you

Carrying cash to your honeymoon destination can be dangerous and also stressful when you need to convert it to the correct currency. The next thing will be your credit card or debit card. If you decide to take your credit card on your sweet getaway ensure that it is the right card that will not leave you with a financial holiday hangover. Getting a 0% foreign transaction credit card can help you buffer the 3% transaction fee that comes with each purchase that you may want to buy while overseas.

Work with a travel agent

You could plan your honeymoon on your own but unless you are super organised, things can start getting out of control very quickly. A travel agent can be the answer to planning a stress-free holiday. Using a travel agent also comes with the perks of getting access to someone who knows where you can find all the best deals to make your holiday more affordable.

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