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Life can throw curveballs every once in a while, so it’s crucial to have options to fall back on when you need to cover bigger expenses. Large personal loans are a fast and easy finance solution available to borrowers of all walks of life which enable you to borrow up to $50,000 without worrying about securing an asset.

You can compare a range of options right here with Savvy to help you find the best deal on your large personal loan today.


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  Advertised Rate from (p.a.) Comparison Rate from (p.a.) Loan Term Min-Max Loan Amount Monthly
site-logos 6.57%
fixed up to 18.99% p.a.
fixed up to 21.78% p.a. based on $30,000 over 5 years
1 to 7
$2,000 to
over 60 months
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Apply for an unsecured personal loan between $2001 to $75,000 for a variety of loan purposes. Get a personalised rate estimate in minutes without impact your credit score.

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Disclaimer: A comparison rate indicates the true cost of a loan. The comparison rate displayed for this advertiser is calculated based on a loan amount of $30,000 over 5 years and represents the effective rate on the loan. Comparison rates are true only for the examples provided and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate.

The features and benefits of a large personal loan

Borrow up to $50,000

Our partnered lenders are able to green light applications for up to $50,000, provided you can comfortably afford to repay it.

Repay over one to seven years

You'll be able to choose the period over which you repay your personal loan, whether it be as quickly as 12 months or as long as seven years.

Competitive rates from 5.35% p.a.

With comparison rates starting at 6.14% p.a., you can secure a large personal loan with a low rate and affordable fees.

Outcomes in just 60 seconds

The personal loan application process is a rapid one with fast responses available in as few as 60 seconds from submitting your initial application.

No security needed

There’s no obligation for you to place a valuable asset, such as your car, against your loan to serve as collateral.

Choice between fixed and variable interest

You can decide whether to lock your rate in at the start of the loan or leave it open to fluctuation throughout your term.

Why Savvy is a great place to compare large personal loans

How can I get a large personal loan?

Boost your credit score

Having a good credit score will increase a lender’s feeling of trust in you as a borrower and, along with it, your borrowing capacity. This is because it serves as a representation of your reliability servicing debt in the past, whether that be another loan or simply paying your credit card and household bills on time and in full. The higher your rating, the more trust your lender will have in you to repay a larger loan.

Show verifiable past borrowing

On top of this, lenders want to be extra certain that you can be entrusted with the responsibility of paying back such a debt. That's why they’ll usually prefer those who have successfully repaid a personal loan in the past. Not only will this increase your borrowing capacity, but lenders generally reward those with verifiable past borrowing with lower rates (as is the case with all of these factors).

Have a stable job and income

While earning an income from stable and consistent sources is generally part of the personal loan eligibility criteria, those with greater job security and higher income-earners will almost always be able to qualify for higher loan sums. You should try to avoid any job changes where possible in the lead-up to applying for a large personal loan, as recommencing a probationary period is likely to limit your borrowing power.

Submit a joint application

Much of the risk associated with personal loans stems from the fact that they’re wholly reliant on a single income to repay them. Adding a second into the mix makes the repayments much safer in the eyes of your lender, thus increasing your borrowing capacity. Joint applications are generally made between partners, but you may also with to apply with a parent or family member.

Apply with a guarantor

Finally, finding someone to go guarantor on your personal loan can significantly increase your chances of approval for a large personal loan. A guarantor essentially agrees to ensure the loan is paid in full if you become unable to complete repayments yourself, which adds a significant layer of security to your loan. These are especially helpful if you’re an inexperienced borrower.

How to compare large personal loans

Frequently asked large personal loan questions

What can I use my large personal loan for?

Personal loans can be used in just about any way you like. You might need it to consolidate your existing debts under one single roof, buy your next car, fund a getaway or even pay for your wedding. Because your loan is unsecured, you’re not restricted by the way you’re required to use it (such as to pay for the asset used as security).

What are the eligibility criteria to qualify for a personal loan through Savvy?

The main eligibility criteria you’ll need to meet to be approved for your personal loan are:

  • Must be 18 years old
  • Must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Must be earning at lease $26,000 p.a. from stable sources
What type of documents do I need to submit?

When it comes to your personal loan, you’ll be required to submit the following documents:

  • Driver's licence and/or passport
  • Two most recent payslips
  • 90 days of bank statements may be required
  • Information on assets and liabilities
Can I get a large personal loan with bad credit?

Probably not – bad credit will prevent you from borrowing large sums anywhere near $50,000, as lenders will see it as too great a risk. Generally, you can be approved for a personal loan with bad credit for amounts up to around $10,000 at a higher interest rate and (often) shorter terms.

How can I estimate my large personal loan repayments?

If you’re not sure how much your repayments will cost, or your loan as a whole, you can utilise our personal loan repayment calculator to give you an estimation of the cost of finance. This allows you to play around with different loan amounts, interest rates, loan terms and repayment schedules.

Am I able to refinance my personal loan?

Yes – you can refinance your large personal loan for a variety of reasons. You might wish to take advantage of a lower interest rate with a different lender, consolidate existing debts under one roof or extend the period over which you repay your loan.

Can I pay off my personal loan early?

Yes – if you have the means to make repayments on top of the minimum requirements, you can complete your loan repayment ahead of schedule. Some lenders may charge an added fee for making additional repayments, though, so make sure you aren’t costing yourself in the process.

If I’m self-employed, can I still get a personal loan?

You can – if you can supply the two most recent years’ worth of tax returns and a Notice of Assessment, your application will be treated in the same way as any other standard personal loan. However, if your business doesn’t have these, you won’t be able to qualify for personal financing and will instead have to settle for a low doc commercial loan to buy or lease any business equipment.