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, updated on October 26th, 2023       

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We’ve partnered with Econnex to bring you a range of mobile phone plans to help you compare them.

5G is the next generation of mobile technology, and it’s here in Australia. With faster speeds, lower latency and more capacity than 4G, it is ideal for streaming, gaming and working from anywhere.

If you’re thinking about switching to a 5G mobile plan, you can compare your options here with Savvy. Our free online tool is quick and easy to use, allowing you to compare a range of plans and providers in minutes. Start comparing now with Savvy!

What are 5G mobile plans, and how do they differ from 4G plans?

5G mobile plans use the fifth generation of cellular network technology, which offers significantly faster speeds and lower latency than 4G. This means that 5G can support more data-intensive applications, such as streaming high-definition video, playing online games and using augmented reality and virtual reality applications.

5G also has the potential to revolutionise the way we interact with the internet, enabling new services and applications that were not possible with 4G. For example, 5G could be used to develop self-driving cars, smart cities and remote surgery.

Is 5G coverage widely available across Australia?

5G coverage is expanding rapidly in Australia, but it is not yet widely available. The major mobile providers (Telstra, Optus and Vodafone) are all investing heavily in 5G networks, and they are aiming to provide nationwide coverage within the next few years.

However, there are parts of Australia where 5G coverage is not available. If you are considering switching to a 5G plan, it is important to check with your provider to see if 5G is available in your area. As of October 2023, Telstra offers the widest 5G coverage in Australia, covering 85% of the population.

It’s worth noting that metropolitan areas and major cities are often among the first to receive 5G coverage, while more remote or rural regions may have to wait for broader deployment. Therefore, while 5G represents the future of mobile connectivity, its accessibility in Australia may vary depending on geographical location.

What should I consider when choosing between 4G and 5G mobile plans?

When choosing between 4G and 5G mobile phone plans, there are a few factors to take into account:

  • Coverage: as mentioned above, 5G coverage is not yet widely available in Australia. If you live in an area with no 5G coverage, then you will need to choose a 4G plan.    
  • Speed: 5G offers significantly faster speeds than 4G. However, 4G speeds are still fast enough for most users. If you need the fastest possible speeds, then you should choose a 5G plan.
  • Data allowance: 5G mobile plans may offer larger data allowances than 4G plans. However, data allowances can vary depending on the plan, so it is important to compare plans before you choose one.
  • Price: 5G plans are typically more expensive than 4G plans. However, prices are coming down as 5G becomes more widespread, meaning cheap mobile plans for 5G should become more widely available.
  • Bonus features: some mobile providers offer bonus features such as free streaming subscriptions.

Pros and cons of 5G mobile plans


Faster speeds

5G is much faster than 4G, with speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps). This means that you can download movies in seconds, stream video games without lag and work from anywhere with extra-fast speeds.

Lower latency

5G has lower latency than 4G, which means that there’s less delay between when you send a request and when you receive a response. This makes 5G ideal for applications like real-time gaming and augmented reality.

More capacity

5G can support more devices than 4G, which means that you're less likely to experience congestion, even in crowded areas.

New and innovative applications

5G will enable new and innovative applications that were not possible with previous generations of mobile technology. For example, 5G will help make it possible to have self-driving cars, real-time remote surgery and immersive virtual reality experiences.


Higher cost

5G mobile plans are typically more expensive than 4G plans. However, prices are coming down, and there are now a number of affordable plans available.

Limited coverage

5G coverage is still being rolled out in Australia, so you may not be able to get 5G service in all areas. However, coverage is expanding rapidly, and most major cities and towns in Australia now have 5G coverage.

Device compatibility

You need a 5G-compatible phone to use 5G mobile plans. Most new smartphones are 5G-compatible, but be sure to check the specs before you buy a new phone.

Frequently asked questions about 5G mobile plans

Do 5G mobile plans come with higher data allowances?

5G mobile plans may offer larger data allowances than some 4G plans. However, data allowances can vary depending on the plan, so it is important to compare plans before you choose one.  

Some 5G plans offer unlimited data, while others have data caps ranging from 20GB to 100GB or more. If you need a large data allowance, then you should look for a 5G plan with a high data cap.

What types of devices are compatible with 5G mobile plans?

To use a 5G mobile plan, you need a 5G-compatible device. Most new smartphones released in the past few years are 5G compatible. However, it is important to check the specifications of your device to make sure that it supports 5G.

If you are unsure whether your device is 5G compatible, you can contact your mobile provider or the manufacturer of your device for assistance.

How do 5G mobile plans impact the gaming experience?

5G mobile plans revolutionise the gaming experience in Australia. With ultra-low latency and high speeds, online gaming becomes more responsive and immersive. Gamers can enjoy lag-free multiplayer matches, quick downloads of large game files and seamless streaming of gaming content. Cloud gaming services, which rely on fast internet connections, benefit greatly from 5G, enabling gamers to play high-quality games on a wider range of devices. Gamers should ensure their location has 5G coverage and consider data allowances for extensive gaming sessions.

Can users expect increased battery consumption with 5G mobile plans?

Yes – 5G mobile plans may have a slightly higher impact on battery consumption compared to 4G plans. The higher data transfer speeds and lower latency of 5G technology can lead to more frequent use of data-intensive applications, which can, in turn, drain the battery faster. However, smartphone manufacturers are continuously improving the energy efficiency of 5G devices to mitigate this issue. Users can optimise their device settings and manage background apps to help extend battery life while enjoying the benefits of 5G.


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