Car Insurance

At Savvy we understand that your car is a valuable asset. Motor vehicle insurance products are varied and our qualified consultants will inform you on the best options for your vehicle.

You choose the excess

Many factors affect the price of premiums such as the price of the vehicle, the location the car will be kept, your age and driving record, any modifications to the car. You can also choose to increase your excess to reduce your premiums. There is also the option of an agreed or market value of the vehicle.


Adding drivers especially one aged under 25 can also drastically increase your premiums.

There are optional extras available on some policies such as windscreen replacement with no excess and hire car expenses if your car is stolen.

Why Choose Savvy?

We are accredited with most reputable lenders in Australia giving you a fair choice to compare

Comprehensive Insurance
covers your vehicle in case of an accident, theft, or fire. The features and inclusions of comprehensive insurance are varied.
Third party property
will cover the other vehicle in case of an accident.
Third party fire & theft
which will cover your vehicle in case of fire or theft and any damage you cause to another vehicle.

How can I save on my premiums?


Some companies offer a discount for paying your premium in a lump sum instead of instalments. Having secure parking for your car, safety and security devices installed on your vehicle, and having a good driving record can all help to reduce your insurance costs. With such a wide variety of policies available, it can be confusing. It makes sense to save time and money by calling one of our experienced consultants for an obligation free appointment to determine your best options. We have many insurance products available at the best rates.