5 resolutions that will help you save on your life insurance

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, updated on November 25th, 2021       

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If one of your new year’s resolutions this year is to bag a sweet life insurance deal that will ensure that your family continue to live the sweet lifestyle they have come to know, then read on. Get a two for one deal by getting your life insurance in order and saving a few paper queens in the process. Here are five resolutions that will help you save on your life insurance.

Get your health game on

There is no better way than to kickstart your resolutions by getting your health in check. Your plans for losing weight, eating healthier or finally quiting smoking will be rewarded. Insurers tie in how much you will pay on your premiums with how healthy you are.

During the underwriting process they will look at your medical examinations to determine if you are a risk. Your life insurance premiums will be reduced to something that is affordable and you your family will get to enjoy a fresher version of you.

Do some shopping

Never in the history of saving have you been told to shop, but we are not talking about the kind of shopping that leaves you broke. We are talking about shopping for a life insurance policy that has the best standards that will meet your family’s needs long after you have gone.

Comparing policies should be the first thing that you do before you sign on the dotted line. Technology has come a long way to eliminate unnecessary footwork with online comparison sites. The bonus is that by using some comparison sites online you will save up 10% to 20%.

Kick bad habits to the curb

Bad habits are like slow poison that can also burn holes into your finances. Things such as drinking, smoking and loading up on the junk are sure ways to cancel out your health resolution. Furthermore, overtime they can cost you.

A survey released by Mozo shows that if you are a smoker who buys a $3 5.20 pack a day you are wasting $12,848 a year. If you are a beer drinker, easing up on the booze for two nights a week can save you $4,160. Opting to take home made lunch to work can also save you up to $2,400, and it’s more likely that it will be healthier than the option you always went for.

Life insurance can save you a few on all financial corners of your life

Life insurance is a long-term plan that will help you re-evaluate your life and how you use your money. It will help you to see in terms of the big picture, meaning that it will push you to evaluate other parts of your life that you pour money into.

When thinking long-term you will consider opening an investment fund or a savings account that will help your money to grow so that your loved ones have one less thing to worry about. This holistic view of your finances will also aid in helping you calculate how much cover you will need.

It’s important that you have adequate life insurance by knowing how much you need. There are online calculators and consultants that are there to make sure that you are adequately covered with the best cover for you and your family.