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, updated on December 19th, 2023       

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Renmark is located along the banks of the Murray River in South Australia, approximately 260kms northeast of Adelaide. It is a charming town renowned for its scenic beauty, thriving citrus orchards, and rich river heritage. As the first irrigation settlement in Australia, Renmark boasts a vibrant community and a picturesque setting along the Murray River. You can find hotels in Renmark and book your accommodation right here through Savvy. 

Renmark's fertile lands support extensive citrus orchards, vineyards, and lush gardens, contributing to its reputation as a significant fruit-growing region. Visitors can explore local produce markets, orchards, and wineries, experiencing the region's agricultural abundance. Renmark's riverfront precinct offers a delightful promenade with paddle steamers, houseboats, and river cruises gliding along the Murray River. The Renmark Rose Garden, showcasing over 50 varieties of roses, and the historic Renmark Hotel are notable landmarks along the riverfront.

The region offers opportunities for recreational activities, including water sports, fishing, and camping along the riverbanks. The nearby Monash Adventure Park and the Ruston's Roses attraction add to the town's family-friendly offerings. Renmark invites travellers to enjoy its scenic landscapes, indulge in fresh local produce, and experience its river heritage, making it an ideal destination for a relaxed and picturesque getaway in South Australia. Book your hotel in Renmark right here online with Savvy today! 

Top five things to do in Renmark, South Australia

Here are some suggestions for the top five things to do if you are staying in Renmark or visiting South Australia for the first time: 

Located just 20kms from Renmark, Monash Adventure Park offers a fun family day out for all ages. One of the most popular attractions in the Riverland region, Monash Adventure Park offers flying foxes, slippery dips, leaning towers, rope bridges and many other fun activities for children and adults of all ages.  

Enjoy water sports and fishing along the Murray River. Try kayaking, water skiing, or fishing for Murray cod, perch, or callop (yabbies) in the vast river waters. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the scenic Murray River banks or embark on a river cruise aboard a historic paddle steamer, experiencing the tranquillity and beauty of Australia's longest river.

Paringa Bridge is a significant bridge that spans the Murray River in Paringa, not far from Renmark. Constructed in 1927, this historic bridge played a crucial role in connecting Paringa to Renmark. Originally built as a road-rail bridge, it served both the Sturt Highway and the Barmera railway line using the same infrastructure. The last train crossed the bridge in 1982 and the railway tracks were removed in 1986. However, the bridge remains operational, with the vertical-lift span opening twice a day for river traffic.

Admire the breathtaking beauty of the Renmark Rose Garden, home to over 50 varieties of roses. Take a peaceful stroll amid the vibrant blooms and enjoy the fragrant atmosphere.

Explore the town's local produce markets, orchards, and wineries. Sample fresh fruits from the renowned citrus orchards or indulge in wine tastings at local vineyards, experiencing the region's agricultural bounty.

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