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, updated on December 19th, 2023       

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Port Pirie is a regional city located 220km north of Adelaide on the eastern coast of the Spencer Gulf. Recognised for its importance in the mining and smelting industries, it has been a pivotal centre for metal processing, particularly lead and silver, for over a century. The city's industrial history is prominent in its landscape, evident in the iconic smelters that have contributed to its economic growth. Whether you're visiting Port Pirie for work or pleasure, there are many accommodation options available in the city which you can explore right here through Savvy.

Tourists visiting Port Pirie can explore various cultural attractions and heritage sites. The National Trust-listed Port Pirie Railway Station offers insights into the city's railway history, while the Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery showcases diverse exhibitions and local artworks.

The city's coastal position along the Spencer Gulf presents opportunities for outdoor activities. Solomontown Beach and adjacent playgrounds provide spaces for relaxation, and the scenic foreshore invites leisurely walks. Additionally, the nearby Southern Flinders Ranges offer hiking trails and nature exploration.

Port Pirie's significance to the mining and smelting industrial sector, cultural offerings, and access to coastal landscapes, makes it a destination where visitors can explore its history and enjoy outdoor activities while experiencing the unique character of this historical port city in South Australia. Start searching for your hotel in Port Pirie right here with Savvy today! 

Top five things to do in Port Pirie

Here are some suggestions for the top five things to do if you are visiting Port Pirie in South Australia for the first time: 

Port Pirie is a gateway to the Flinders Ranges National Park, a vast rugged mountain range in the heart of South Australia. It is home to ancient landscapes, including Wilpena Pound, a natural amphitheatre over 8km in diameter. Visitors can explore this remote national park on foot, by car or by taking a stunning scenic flight around Wilpena Pound by helicopter. There are also numerous guided tours available as well as hiking trails and campsites for those who love stunning outback Australian scenery.

Delve into Port Pirie’s history at this delightful museum. Learn about the town’s past through interesting displays and insights, and discover the everyday lives of Port Pirie residents through historical household items, photographs, and displays on the local industries.

The Port Pirie Regional Tourism & Arts Centre is a one-stop shop for all your needs while exploring the Port Pirie region. Immerse yourself in local art with a vibrant collection of paintings, sculptures, and crafts by regional artists. Savour the flavours of the region with fresh regional produce and speciality items available for purchase.

Escape the city bustle on this pristine island, accessible by ferry from Port Pirie. Hike or bike through native bushland, spot kangaroos and emus, and enjoy picnics amidst peaceful lagoons. This small island offers lovely views of the surrounding countryside and picturesque beaches, and you can view the wreck of the York at low tide on the southern shore of the island.

Soak up the sun on this golden sand beach, ideal for swimming, fishing, and windsurfing. Enjoy panoramic views of the Spencer Gulf and nearby islands. Whether you want to take a refreshing swim or have a leisurely picnic with your family, this man-made sandy stretch on the banks of Port Pirie Creek offers a peaceful escape.

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