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Nestled to the north of the picturesque Clare Valley, Jamestown is a historical town with a rich legacy. Founded in 1871, Jamestown's history is reflected in its well-preserved buildings, charming streetscapes, and a blend of old-world charm and contemporary attractions. Accommodation in Jamestown offers visitors a comfortable stay, ranging from quaint bed-and-breakfasts to cosy guesthouses, providing a serene retreat while exploring the town's historical treasures. You can search for hotels in Jamestown right here online with Savvy.

Located approximately 200kms north of Adelaide, Jamestown invites visitors to experience the tranquillity of the Clare Valley. The town boasts attractions like the Jamestown Railway Station Museum and the stunning scenery of the nearby Bundaleer Forest. Its history is tied into the region's agricultural heritage, with the town once serving as a pivotal centre for wheat and wool production. Today, it proudly displays its agricultural legacy through museums and monuments honouring the town's contribution to South Australia's farming industry, including being the birthplace of RM Williams, the iconic Australian boot manufacturer. 

Plan your stay in Jamestown and book your accommodation here with Savvy for a journey into its intriguing past and the natural wonders of the surrounding countryside.

Top five things to do in Jamestown and the Clare Valley, South Australia

Here are some suggestions for the top five things to do in and around Jamestown if you are visiting the Clare Valley for the first time: 

Hire a bike and cycle or hike along the scenic Riesling Trail, a picturesque track that winds through the Clare Valley. Enjoy stunning views of vineyards, charming towns, and picturesque landscapes along this former railway route. Stop at cellar doors along the way to enjoy a variety of the best rieslings in Australia.

Explore the Jamestown Railway Station Museum, offering a glimpse into the town's railway history. Discover historical exhibits, railway artifacts, and displays showcasing the significance of rail transport in the region.

The Clare Valley offers a variety of wineries and cellar doors to explore. These include Belalie Wines in Jamestown itself, which is an organic vineyard, Blesing's Garden in Wirrabara, and Bundaleer Wines in Melrose, which is known for its Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon wines. 

Just 33km from Jamestown is Peterborough, where you'll find the Steamtown Heritage Rail Centre, a railway museum that celebrates the town’s rich railway history. Once a bustling rail hub, Peterborough’s Steamtown was home to over 100 steam locomotives that passed through each day. Today, the legacy of this era is preserved through the Heritage Rail Centre. 

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature at Bundaleer Forest Reserve, located just 10km south of Jamestown. Enjoy the serene beauty of Bundaleer Forest, a tranquil woodland offering scenic walking trails, picnic areas, and opportunities for birdwatching amidst native flora and fauna.

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