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, updated on July 6th, 2023       

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If you suffer from any foot or ankle problems, you’ll know how much a sore foot or an ankle injury can impact your daily life. A podiatrist can help alleviate your pain and improve your mobility, which is why having private health insurance that covers podiatry treatment is really important. 

You can compare a range of extras health insurance policies which include cover for podiatry visits through Savvy. By answering just a few questions about the cover you need, you'll be able to consider a range of health insurance policy quotes side-by-side instantly from a panel of leading Australian insurers. Start the process through Savvy today. 

Is podiatry covered by private health insurance?

Podiatry is a medical field which specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of foot and ankle conditions. Podiatrists treat a variety of issues such as:  

  • Abnormal walking patterns 
  • Bunions 
  • Claw toes, hammer toes and pigeon toes 
  • Corns, calluses and blisters 
  • Cracked heels and skin infections 
  • Fungus infections of the nails 
  • Ingrown toenails 
  • Foot and ankle abnormalities and injuries 
  • Sports injuries and stress fractures 

Visits to a podiatrist are often covered by extras policies. This type of health insurance covers different types of treatments and services which are provided outside of a hospital setting and aren’t covered by Medicare.  

Such a policy will often allocate annual benefit limits for several areas of community healthcare. This means that in addition to cover for podiatry, you may get a certain amount to spend on other different types of treatments, such as:  

  • Optical
  • Dental 
  • Physiotherapy 
  • Chiropractic
  • Hearing aid services 
  • Speech therapy 
  • Nutrition and wellbeing services 

The types of treatments covered, and how much you’re able to claim back, will be determined by the level of extras policy that you decide to buy. They range from inexpensive policies offering basic cover to more comprehensive policies which may offer a higher benefit limit. 

When deciding if an extras policy is worth it, you’ll need to look at the annual benefits offered and consider how much of those benefit you’ll actually use versus the overall cost of the health insurance policy. If you’re looking for cover for regular podiatric appointments, it’s worth determining which policy offers the most suitable coverage in this area.

How do I compare health insurance policies which cover podiatry treatment?

When comparing different extras health care policies which cover podiatry, there are a few key questions to consider. These include: 

  • If you visit a podiatrist regularly, is podiatry treatment sufficiently covered by the policy? 
  • What additional healthcare services are included in the policy besides podiatry treatment? Does the policy cover other services you frequently use? 
  • What percentage of the treatment's cost can be claimed? Are you willing to pay a higher monthly premium to receive a higher percentage of the cost back from your policy? 
  • What are the limits for benefits for each category of treatment? Are there any lifetime or annual benefit limits that apply? 
  • Is your podiatrist affiliated with a particular health insurer? Are there any free treatments offered by healthcare providers in your area through a specific health fund which you may find convenient? 
  • What waiting periods are applicable before making a claim on the policy? 
  • Does the health fund recognise any previous waiting periods you've already served so you won't have to wait if you switch funds?  
  • Are there any special deals or offers currently available on extras health insurance, such as waived waiting periods or free weeks of coverage once you meet your insurer’s conditions? 
  • If there are special offers such as reduced-price gym memberships or pay TV subscriptions, will you actually use these additional benefits? 

When comparing different policies, it's important to remember that the cheapest policy may not always offer the best value. By asking yourself these questions and comparing the different options available, you'll maximise your chances of finding a policy which suits your needs and budget. 

At Savvy, we make comparing health insurance policies easier by providing access to a range of quotes from our trusted panel of insurers. Start the comparison process through us today. 

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Frequently asked questions about podiatry health insurance

Will I be able to claim back the full cost of my podiatry treatment if I have extras cover?

Probably not, but the amount you can claim will depend on the specific health insurance policy and the provider you choose. Extras health insurance policies usually only cover a percentage of the cost of treatment up to the limit of your policy. There may also be lifetime policy limits. These limits will depend on whether you choose a basic extras policy, which will provide lower benefits, or a more comprehensive policy, which will offer a higher level of cover per podiatrist visit. For example, a cheaper policy may allow you to claim back 50% of the cost of a visit to a podiatrist, whereas a more comprehensive policy may allow you to claim up to 85% or more of the cost. 

If I have to have podiatric surgery, will the cost be covered by my extras policy?

If you require surgery on your foot or ankle and wish to be treated as a private patient, you’ll require hospital cover health insurance to assist with the cost of having your surgery performed under a general anaesthetic in hospital. Extras cover will only allow you to claim for expenses occurred as an out-patient that aren’t covered by Medicare. 

Can I still get podiatry health insurance if I have a pre-existing foot condition?

You can still get podiatry health insurance in Australia even if you have a pre-existing foot condition. However, there may be waiting periods or exclusions for specific treatments or services related to your pre-existing condition

Is any of the cost of podiatric treatment covered by Medicare?

No – you'll need an extras health insurance policy to claim back any of the cost of a visit to a podiatrist. The only exception to this is if you have a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan, which may allow you to have up to five visits to an allied health professional including podiatrists in one calendar year.  

What’s the best way to find a health insurance policy which covers podiatry?

Comparing different policies from a variety of providers is one of the best ways to find extras cover which may be suited to you. Comparing with Savvy allows you to view multiple policies side-by-side so you’re able to more easily compare benefits, waiting periods, premium costs and more. 

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