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, updated on July 27th, 2023       

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Energy power lines

Australia's energy sector is dominated by several major companies that play a crucial role in supplying electricity and gas to homes and businesses. These energy giants lead the way in power generation, distribution, and retail services. Here we take a look at the largest energy companies in Australia and their contributions to the nation's energy landscape. Let's delve into the powerhouse entities that help keep Australia’s lights on. 

Who are Australia’s largest energy companies?

The Australian energy market is dominated by the Big Three energy providers, Origin Energy, AGL Energy and EnergyAustralia. These three players are followed by Ergon Energy, Alinta Energy and Red Energy as far as retail market share goes, according to the Australian Energy Regulator (Retail Energy Market Performance Update, Quarter 2 2022-2023.)  

The Australian energy landscape relies on the collaboration of energy generators, distributors, and retailers to ensure a stable and accessible energy supply. 

  • Generators: Energy generators produce electricity or gas 
  • Distributors: Distributors transport energy through various gas and electricity networks, supplying it to consumers including industrial, commercial and retail end users 
  • Retailers: Retailers purchase energy from generators and sell it to end users, offering different energy plans and pricing options to consumers 
  • Multi-role energy suppliers: Some companies operate in multiple roles, such as Origin Energy and AGL Energy, who are both generators and retailers. 

Who are the largest energy suppliers in Australia?

These are the largest energy suppliers in Australia, by retail market share:  

Origin Energy:

Origin Energy is Australia’s largest energy producer. It has a strong presence in the oil and gas sector, and has recently been expanding its investments in renewable energy, making it a key player in the energy production market. With a significant presence in electricity generation, natural gas production, and retailing, Origin serves millions of customers across the country. It currently holds around 27.1% of the retail energy market share. 

AGL Energy:

AGL Energy is the second-largest integrated energy company in Australia. It operates a diverse portfolio of energy assets, including coal, gas, and renewable energy sources, making it a significant energy producer in the country. AGL operates a mix of conventional and renewable power generation assets, including wind farms and solar projects. It holds around 22.3% of retail market share.  


Apart from being a prominent energy retailer, EnergyAustralia also operates several power stations, including coal-fired and gas-fired plants. Originally, EnergyAustralia was a state-owned enterprise of the New South Wales Government but was acquired by CLP-owned TruEnergy in 2011. It is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Hong Kong-based CLP Group. It holds around 14.9% of retail market share.  

Who are the largest energy generators in Australia?

In addition to Australia’s Big Three energy generators mentioned above, these three companies are also major energy generators: 

Snowy Hydro Limited: Snowy Hydro is a major renewable energy producer in Australia, known for its iconic Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme. It generates hydroelectricity through its extensive network of dams and power stations.  

The Snowy power stations consist of 33 turbines with a combined generating capacity of 4,100 megawatts (MW). These stations produce an average of 4,500 gigawatt-hours of renewable electricity annually. 

Chevron Australia: As an oil and gas company, Chevron Australia is a significant energy producer, contributing to the country's natural gas production. Chevron Australia operates several major natural gas projects around Australia, most of which are liquefied natural gas (LNG) and domestic gas. The company employs approximately 2,100 people, and is administered from its head office in Perth, Western Australia. 

Santos: Santos is another major player in Australia's oil and gas sector, actively involved in the production and exploration of natural gas reserves. It is one of Australia's biggest domestic gas suppliers and a leading LNG supplier in the Asia Pacific region. Santos also has interests and operations in every major Australian petroleum province as well as interests in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan and Egypt. 

It's important to note that the energy landscape in Australia is constantly evolving, with a growing focus on renewable energy sources. Therefore, the ranking of the largest energy producers changes over time as Australia continues its transition towards more sustainable and environmentally-friendly energy solutions.

What is the role of the Australian Energy Market Operator in Australia’s energy supply chain?

While not an energy producer itself, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) plays a crucial role in managing and overseeing the operation of Australia's energy market, ensuring a reliable supply of energy from various producers. 

Key functions and responsibilities of AEMO include: 

  • Market operations: AEMO operates and administers the day-to-day electricity and gas markets, ensuring the efficient dispatch and trading of energy between electricity generators, retailers, and large industrial users. It manages real-time supply and demand, maintaining grid balance and stability. 
  • Grid management: AEMO is responsible for managing the transmission network, ensuring that electricity is transmitted from generators to consumers securely and reliably. It plans for future energy needs and infrastructure developments to meet growing demand. 
  • Energy forecasting: AEMO conducts comprehensive energy forecasting to assess and predict future energy demand and supply trends. This helps in planning for future energy requirements and developing strategies to ensure a reliable energy supply. 
  • Market development and regulation: AEMO actively participates in the development of energy market rules and regulations, promoting competition and transparency within the industry. It also works to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of energy markets. 
  • Emergency management: In critical situations such as extreme weather events or supply disruptions, AEMO implements emergency management procedures to safeguard the energy system's integrity and mitigate potential risks. 
  • Integration of renewable energy: AEMO plays a significant role in integrating renewable energy sources into the energy grid, ensuring a smooth transition to a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly energy mix. 
  • Strategic planning: AEMO engages in long-term strategic planning to address emerging challenges and opportunities in the energy sector, focusing on enhancing the resilience and sustainability of Australia's energy system. 

Overall, the Australian Energy Market Operator serves as a critical facilitator in Australia's energy landscape, promoting efficient energy markets, managing supply-demand dynamics, and fostering a reliable, secure, and affordable energy supply for consumers and businesses across the nation. 

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