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Apply with Savvy and get cash today

When unexpected bills pop up out of the blue and you need urgent cash to cover the costs, you can apply with Savvy. We can help you get approved for a cash loan today through our panel of flexible lending partners.

Our 100% online process is hassle and headache-free, allowing for speedy turnarounds on your application. Start your application with Savvy now and get your cash as soon as today.

How do I get cash today?

You can apply for a cash loan if you need cash today. Cash loans are offered by payday lenders from $300 to $5,000, who generally require you to meet fewer requirements to get approval compared to other loans. If you need money now, you can apply with Savvy and we’ll connect you to a payday lender with a loan best suited to you. Our streamlined application process allows you to get an instant outcome and approved and paid out as soon as the same day you apply.

To kick start your application, select your loan size and the reason why you need it. Savvy gives you a few options, including medical and vet costs, vehicle expenses and general spending. Once you've done this, you can go about completing your application. This should take roughly ten minutes and includes providing the following details:

  1. Personal details: Full name, date of birth, contact details
  2. Employment: Job status, who you work for, the industry you work in and tenure at your current job
  3. Residency and living costs: Residential address and regular rent/board/mortgage costs
  4. Income: Earning after tax, frequency of payment and next scheduled payday
  5. Benefits: Whether Centrelink payments make up half of your income

To complete your initial application, you’ll need to supply your lender with some digital copies of identification (a driver’s licence and Medicare card should suffice, but a passport and proof of age card can also be accepted). Once these are uploaded, you’ll get a decision instantly based on the information you’ve provided.

If you’re instantly approved, your lender will review your information to ensure you can adequately afford your loan through credit and financial checks. If these all go smoothly, you should be offered formal loan approval soon after. Your direct lender should email you a loan contract to sign shortly after your formal approval. Once this is returned, your funds can be released. Usually, these should be available in your account on the same day.

Now and then, lenders require additional information to complete applications. If this does happen, it shouldn’t hold up the process by too much. If you need cash now, try to apply earlier in the day or week. This may improve your chances of getting approval and having your funds transferred on the same day. Remember that once your funds are released, it may also take a few hours to hit your account due to your bank’s transfer times.

How do I qualify for a cash loan today?

Qualifying for a fast cash loan is as simple as following your lender’s essential eligibility criteria. These tend to be the same among all lenders and can be found online.

Always check your lender’s requirements before applying for a loan. Filling out your application only to realise you don’t qualify can be an unfortunate waste of time, so always ensure you double-check them before you get the ball rolling and maximise your chances of getting approved for a loan today. These requirements will include:

  1. Age: You must be at least 18 years or older.
  2. Residency: You must be a permanent Australian resident or citizen. Those on temporary visas are unlikely to be considered for loans by most lenders.
  3. Income: You must earn a consistent income for at least 90 days before applying for a loan. This can come from multiple income streams, including wages and Centrelink payments.
  4. Contact: A working mobile number and an active email address.
  5. Banking: Access to your bank accounts through internet banking. Lenders will request read-only access to 90 days’ worth of online banking statements to verify your income, recent spending and regular expenses.
  6. Other debt: It’s very unlikely that lenders will approve your application if you’re currently repaying other same-day cash loan debts.

Can I still get a cash loan today if I have bad credit?

Yes – bad credit isn’t a major obstacle when you apply for a cash loan. Lenders prefer to look at your broader borrowing history, instead of concentrating on your credit score, when considering you for a small or even mini loan.

Direct money lenders will run a credit check as part of their responsible lending obligations to ensure you can afford to repay your loan. Unlike the big banks and larger lenders who can focus on your score, small loan lenders tend to concentrate on assessing your wider borrowing track record and your ability to repay your loan right now. This allows them to paint a fuller picture of your credit history and look beyond a potentially very bad score to determine more accurately whether you can afford your loan.

Got a cash loan question? We have the answers

How long do I have to repay my cash loan?

Depending on the size of your loan, you can take up to two years to pay back what you borrow. If you're in Australia and need money now, you'll get the following repayment options on a fast loan:

  • $300 to $2,000: Between 16 days and one year
  • $2,001 to $5,000: Between 16 days and two years
How often can I make repayments on my cash loan?

You get the choice of weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayment options, whichever best fits with when you’re paid. In addition, you can set up direct debits from your bank account to ensure you don’t miss any payments.

Can I get a cash loan if 100% of my income comes from Centrelink?

Yes – you can get a fast cash loan if Centrelink benefits are your only form of income. Eligible benefits include:

  • Aged, disability and veterans’ pension
  • Carers payment
  • Child care subsidy
  • Family Tax Benefit Part A and B
  • Single parent payment


Temporary payments such as JobSeeker and Youth Allowance can’t be counted independently, as they’re conditional on a set of changing criteria, such as job status and age.

What fees will my cash loan come with?

When you take out a loan, two types of fees will apply:

  • An establishment fee is charged at 20% of your loan amount if you borrow up to $2,000. Larger loans come with a capped fee of $400.
  • Monthly fees are calculated at 4% of your borrowing amount if you borrow up to $2,000. More significant amounts have their fees capped for 12 months at 48%.
Can I apply if I’m a sole trader?

Yes – you can apply for a quick loan online if you’re a tradesperson or freelancer who works for yourself, as long as your income is consistent. Lenders may still consider your application if your income isn’t quite as stable, but you may need to satisfy additional criteria.

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