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As one of the Big Four banks in Australia, NAB offers a multitude of products to help you buy property, house and build your savings and run your business. They also have personal finance offers on their books designed to help you purchase your next vehicle.

Of course, before you sign onto any loan, it’s crucial to understand how it works and have a firm grip on all of its conditions and features. Fortunately, Savvy does the hard work for you and has broken down NAB’s car finance deal so you can easily analyse it and decide whether it’s right for you.

*Please note that NAB does not currently offer a secured car loan product. This page is reflective of its unsecured personal loan product, for which Savvy does not represent NAB. All information in this article is correct as of 10 April 2024.

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The features and benefits of NAB car loans

Unsecured finance

Unlike a secured car loan, NAB offers unsecured financing for car purchases, meaning you won’t be required to use the car as collateral for the loan, lifting any restrictions on condition or age as a result.

Access amounts from $5,000

You can take out a loan from as little as $5,000 to purchase your car, with amounts being capped at $55,000 at the other end.

Repay over one to seven years

You can decide to take as many as seven years to pay off your loan debt or elect for a term as short as 12 months, although the length you’re approved for will vary for each person.

Flexible repayment schedule

On top of deciding on the length of your loan, you can also choose whether to make weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments in line with what’s most comfortable for you.

Redraw facilities available

You can make free additional repayments towards your loan and, if you need to, can access these funds down the track thanks to your car loan’s in-built redraw facility.

Personalised interest rates

You’ll receive a rate tailored to your individual profile, meaning NAB's interest rates will be different for each applicant and positive credit histories will be rewarded.

The pros and cons of NAB car finance


No early repayment fees

Not only can you pay above the minimum required amount, but you won’t be penalised for completing your car loan repayments ahead of schedule, giving you the option to cut down on interest and fees.

Funds approved within one business day

Because the loan is unsecured, you can generally receive a faster outcome and have the funds you need sent directly to your account inside one business day.

Fixed or variable interest rates

Unlike some other secured car loans, NAB enables you to choose between a fixed or variable interest rate, giving you more choice when it comes to how to customise your loan.


Increased interest rate

As a result of the lack of asset security provided by your car, you may be required to pay a higher interest rate with NAB, from 6.99% p.a. to 20.49% p.a. (7.91% p.a. to 21.33% p.a. comparison rate).

Lower borrowing cap

Another drawback of opting for an unsecured personal loan is that they come with greater borrowing restrictions, meaning you won’t be able to borrow more than $55,000 to buy your car.

Monthly and application fees

Finally, NAB charges monthly fees of $10 and an application fee of $150, which would cost you an additional $750 over the life of a five-year loan.

NAB car loans explained further

How should I apply for a NAB car loan?

The application process for a NAB car loan comes without any major differences from similar processes with other lenders; they follow the same broad strokes. However, it’s important to note that applying with Savvy will provide you with a greater number of affordable finance options and expert guidance from one of our consultants, who will do the heavy lifting for you. The NAB application process is as follows:

Calculate your borrowing power

Before all else, you should make sure that you’re capable of comfortably repaying the amount you’re applying for. If NAB isn’t fully confident in your ability to service the loan consistently across your term, you won’t be approved. Fortunately, you can use Savvy’s personal loan borrowing power calculator to give you an idea of the amount you might be approved for.

Ensure that you’re eligible to apply

Once you’ve crunched the numbers on how much you can borrow, review NAB’s eligibility criteria to determine whether your application is able to be accepted at all. These points are:

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • You must receive a regular, stable income
  • You must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, an Australian permanent resident or be living here on an accepted visa
  • If submitting your application online, you must be applying by yourself (joint applications must be submitted in personal at a branch)

Submit your application

Complete your application either online or at your local branch. This will require you to supply the various pieces of documentation required for loan approval. The form shouldn’t take long for you to fill out and send off.

Receive conditional and formal approval

You’ll receive an outcome on your application within 60 seconds of applying for your car loan. If conditionally approved, NAB will look over your profile and documentation in closer detail and decide whether to formally approve you for financing.

Sign your contract and receive your funds

If you’re also granted full loan approval, NAB will send through a loan contract for you to sign, confirming the terms of your agreement. You can return these online via their Internet Banking or in branch. Once they’ve received and processed the contract, the funds you’ve applied for will be advanced directly into your bank account for use however you like, providing you with the ability to purchase your car.

What are the documents I’ll need for my NAB car loan application?

As part of your NAB car loan application, you’re required to submit an array of documents to help paint a picture of your profile. This helps them determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for a loan. The documents you’ll need are:

  • Personal ID: one of either your Australian driver’s licence, passport or Medicare card
  • Income details: payslips and/or bank statements to prove your pre- and post-tax income
  • Information on assets: this may include any other cars you own, property, shares or anything else valuable and of note
  • Information on liabilities: outstanding loan debts, such as your mortgage, personal loans or credit cards
  • Employment information: record of employment over the past three years, which may include your contract or confirmation letter from your employer
  • Record of regular expenses: note what your commonly recurring expenses are, such as groceries, school fees, utilities, insurance and more

Frequently asked questions about NAB car loans

Does NAB offer a business car loan?

Yes – you can take out a business car or equipment loan with NAB if you’re buying on behalf of your business. These come with lower rates and greater borrowing ranges beyond $150,000. If you’re looking to make a business purchase, you’re better off applying for this product than a personal loan.

Which visas aren’t accepted by NAB?

The following visas are considered unacceptable by NAB when it comes to getting approved for car finance:

  • Bridging visa
  • Exchange visa
  • Student visa
  • Transit or Seasonal visa
  • Visitor visa (aside from Special Category Visa – NZ Citizen)
  • Working Holiday visa
Are fixed or variable interest rates better for car loans?

Fixed interest rates are the most common on car loans, as they lock your rate in from the beginning and make it easier to accurately budget around your repayments into the future. While variable rates can benefit you if interest falls, you won’t have the same consistency, nor will you be protected from rate rises. Which one you choose is up to your personal preference.

Am I better off applying for a secured car loan than a NAB unsecured loan?

The best loan for you will depend on your specific circumstances. Secured car loans come with greater borrowing power (100% or more of the cost of your vehicle up to beyond $100,000) and may offer lower interest rates. This is because these loans are considered safer due to the asset serving as collateral. However, as discussed, unsecured loans don't require you to choose a car that meets your lender's criteria if you don't wish to. You can speak to one of Savvy's friendly consultants to learn about which option may be best for you today.

Can I still be approved for a loan with NAB if I’m nearing retirement?

Yes – however, you’ll be required to outline how you intend to pay out your loan should the term you request take you past your planned retirement. Having sufficient super or income from investments will maximise your chances of approval.

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