5 tips for relocating on a shoe string budget

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, updated on November 25th, 2021       

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Relocating takes time, and if not budgeted for, can cost a considerable amount of money. Finding convenient ways to pack up your life and relocate with one swift move requires planning and budgeting, even if you are operating on a shoe string budget. Here are five handy tips that can help you relocate without busting your budget.

1. Create a packing timeline

Planning out your move can be a good stress reducer and it can also give you a course of action that will make relocating easier. Planning a packing timeline can also show you what needs to be budgeted for in terms of cleaning material, heavy duty boxes, and hiring people to help you pack up and move. Doing something when you are organised will also help you avoid overspending, and can help you compare your options to find one that is affordable for you.

2. Create a budget

Consider checking the various expenses that come with relocating. This can help you create a realistic budget and also push you to be a bit creative in terms of things that you can do yourself. When creating a budget always remember to create a budget that will cover the costs to move your things from your current home and the costs of setting yourself up in your new one.

Holding a yard sale can also help you boost your finances and clear out space by getting rid of things that you no longer use or need. For the hoarders out there, it will be best to have a friend who will be able to wrench that thing you don’t need out of your clasp. It’s going to a better place.

3. Clean as you go checklist

Taking stuff out and throwing them in piles is the easy part. Cleaning it all up can make anyone want to take refuge under the covers and deal with it tomorrow. To avoid delaying your process of moving which can lead to a rushed frenzy where mistakes can be made and costs can accumulate, clean as you go. Try packing one area at a time and as soon as you are done with it clear it up. It can help reduce the amount of cleaning and can also help you avoid going back and forth to see if everything has been packed.

4. Get the right finances

If you are planning to move across states then you can consider taking out a relocation loan that can help you shoulder the costs. Even if you have sworn by the frugal living book that you will run everything on a ‘do it yourself’ schedule, you might need a financial boost. With a wide range of relocation personal loans to choose from, you can compare your way to one that has the best low rate for you.

5. Reach out to friends or family

If you have a shoe string budget when it comes to relocating, then the next best thing that can help you move with ease is friends and family. This will come in handy especially if you are travelling a long distance to your next home. Friends or family members can help you reduce the cost of having to spend money on accommodation and food, but always remember to ask. Also, plan out your travel time so that you can spend more time with your family and friends.

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