Your moving house checklist

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 09:19 am by Bill Tsouvalas

Moving houses is undoubtedly considered one of the most stressful events in life. However, you can certainly diminish the stress linked to moving houses if you are organised and have a neat, clear checklist to help you plan your move more effectively. What’s moving without the long lists attached to it, right? Here comes our moving house checklist that will make moving more bearable!

6-9 weeks before moving out

  • First and foremost, moving means lots of packing, that’s no secret for sure. Thus, start by sorting out what you need to take with you, and what takes up too much space and you could do without. After sorting out your stuff, you can organise a garage sale or donate to charity what you no longer need.
  • Take the time to do plenty of research concerning removal companies. Focus on aspects such as prices, reputation, and friend recommendations. Plus, before agreeing on anything, make sure to have your agreement put in writing. Don’t overlook talking about any additional charges that may be required. For instance, it won’t hurt to ask whether it will cost you more if the move lasts longer than it is assumed.
  • If you have children, communicate the school about your moving decision, and look for reputable schools in the region you plan to move to.
  • It’s time to begin collecting plenty of boxes that will be utterly necessary for organising all your stuff. Make sure that you number every box and put in writing what you placed in each one.

One more month

  • Talk with the removal specialists about the moving date. Also, discuss with your employer, as you’ll certainly need to take the day off when the moving day finally arrives.
  • Get in contact with the key service providers and communicate your moving. Also, let your bank and insurance company know about the change of address.
  • Equally important is communicating with your postal office about your moving, for them to redirect your mail in the upcoming months.

One more week

  • With one more week to go before the big moving day, start by properly defrosting the fridge and freezer.
  • Separately store a bunch of clothes you should use for the next two weeks before you settle in the new house.
  • Give the removal specialist another call and remind him of your moving date.
  • Discuss with your phone provider to make sure that your phone is disconnected before you leave the house.
  • Talk with the real estate agent about dropping off the old keys and being given the keys to the new place you’re moving to.
  • Have a goodbye party with your neighbours, and make sure to leave them your new address.

One more day – can’t believe this day finally arrived

  • With one more day to go, it is time to have a suitcase in which you include everything essential that you’ll need for the most-awaited moving day – cups, bowls, coffee, and tea, cereals for breakfast, etc. Avoid mixing it with other boxes.
  • And, before leaving the house, make sure you have a thorough check-up so that you don’t leave anything behind! We wish you the best of luck you’re your moving!

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