Top 5 car accessories for your furry friend

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 09:51 am by Bill Tsouvalas

What is a road trip without tagging your furry friend? However, when it comes to protecting and keeping your pet entertained during your voyages it helps to have a few car accessories in place. Not too sure what type of accessories to have? Here is a list of our top 5 car accessories to install for your furry friend.

Fury friend

1. Safety first

As much as you would love your pet roaming around freely, this can prove to be a hazard when you are driving. It can also cost you three demerit points and $425 when you drive with a pet on your lap in a school zone. Furthermore, the RSPCA can issue a fine under the prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act with a fine of up to $5,500. Investing in a safety harness that tends to be made out of a standard seat belt which can be attached to the existing seat belt which can keep your pet secure.

2. Ramp it up

Unless you own a pet that can easily jump into the car with ease, a ramp can prove useful for small pets or an elderly dog that can’t make it into the car. A ramp can be useful for your pet and prevent injuries for them. With their nifty feature of being easy to pack up, it can be a must-have accessory. Besides who wouldn’t enjoy the view of their pet walking up and down a ramp like a god?

3. Car seat covers to save the day

Sometimes the taking a trip with you can be very exciting for your pet, but it may not be exciting for you when they leave the evidence of this on the back seat. There is also the issue of pet hair being left all over the back seat as an unwanted gift, which can be a problem when taking on other passengers. A dog seat cover can be beneficial when it comes to protecting your car. Dog seat covers have also been designed to stay in place, which means it will stay in place when they jump in or out of the car.

4. Car barriers

Let’s face it, having a pet in the car can be a distraction. They cannot stand not having your attention. According to AAA Exchange, 65% of dog owners get distracted while taking their furry friend on a trip. A car barrier basically creates a barrier between the back seat and the front seat, meaning that they will still be able to see the beautiful view and see you at the same time.

5. Pet carrier

These are the type of carriers that won’t make your pet feel as though they have been shoved into a cold prison cell. These comfy pet carriers are best suitable for your fussy pets. Choosing a pet carrier that has see-through walls can make it more comfortable for them. They also come with the perks of being foldable which means convenient packing in the back of the car.

There are a couple of premium accessories that you can invest in when it comes to accessories, but it is vital to compare prices and whether having such accessories will increase your driving experience.

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